3 Ways the Law of Attraction Affects Anxiety Recovery

by Ryan Rivera

The Law of Attraction is a mindset. It's about thinking a certain way in order for life to turn out the way you want it. But when it comes to mental health problems often want cures – many even believe they can be cured with all of their heart – and yet mental health itself is a state of being that can affect the very fabric of your personality. In many ways, both your mental health and the Law of Attraction are mindsets that make you who you are, and while they're often related (anxiety can make it difficult to have the faith and trust necessary for the Law of Attraction to work, for example), they're also somewhat independent.

But they're certainly not completely independent, and those that try to overcome mental health problems without considering how the Law of Attraction affects their chances of recovery are going to struggle. Below are some examples of how the Law of Attraction can affect your ability to recover from anxiety – one of the most common mental health disorders.

Links Between the Law of Attraction and Anxiety

Reverse Placebo

Within the Law of Attraction there is trust. You need to believe that the universe will provide, and put your faith in the potential for success to find you. You need the same thing to recover from anxiety. In psychology, there is a phenomenon known as the "reverse placebo" effect. Most people are familiar with the idea of placebo – if you take a sugar pill believing it to be a pain killer, it's possible that the sugar pill helps you reduce your pain.

What most people don't realize is that the opposite is true as well. If you take real medicine, but you're convinced the medicine doesn't work, it's possible that your mind can stop the medicine from working. Like with the Law of Attraction, you need to believe that your anxiety treatments will work, otherwise even the most legitimately effective treatment may be unable to benefit you.

Lifestyle Changes

One of the primary functions of the Law of Attraction is to attract positive people and happiness into your life. Both of these are examples of how the Law of Attraction is an important part of creating lifestyle changes that will also help you recover from anxiety. Anxiety recovery is often about making every aspect of your life more positive, relaxed, and filled with joy. Those are the same things that people try to look for when they decide to utilize the power of the Law of Attraction.

This is one of the most profound changes that those with anxiety experience when they adopt the Law of Attraction philosophies. Much of anxiety is self-caused – engaging in stressful behaviors, surrounding yourself with negative people, making poor life decisions; if you cut those out of your life because of the Law of Attraction, you'll find recovering from anxiety much easier.

Motivation, Goals, and Focus

Finally, anxiety is the type of disorder that often creates itself. If you are anxious when talking to your boss, for example, you'll likely stumble upon your words and mess up the meeting, thus increasing the potential for you to be anxious the next time you talk to your boss. Often this is because your thoughts outweigh your goals – you're focused too heavily on your anxiety, and not on what you need to complete.

The Law of Attraction puts the focus on your future, and the goals that you want to achieve. Thus what you do in the present or past has no bearing. All that matters is that you work towards a successful future, and the anxiety that was fueled by your mistakes will no longer be relevant.

Anxiety and the Law of Attraction

It should be clear from the above examples that while your mental health and the Law of Attraction are not solutions for each other, they are linked in many different ways. You need to work on your anxiety to improve your ability to use the Law of Attraction, and the Law of Attraction can benefit your anxiety. Focusing on both in your life can have an amazing impact.

About the Author: Ryan Rivera had to focus his mental energy on recovering from anxiety before he could treat it. He writes about anxiety treatment and recovery at www.calmclinic.com.

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