3 Week Manifestation Challenge

by Brenda Foster

We are going to manifest a new car within 3 weeks. Want to? Come on, join the fun!

1.Pick a start date and end date for this exciting challenge.

2.Choose any car you wish to own. Claim it by simply saying, "I claim you. You are mine."

During the 3 week challenge you are going to romance your car by thinking of it, enjoying it in creative visualizations and exciting meditations, viewing vids and pics of it, reading reviews about it, talking with family and friends about it, visiting it at the dealership as often as you wish, and taking it for a test drive.

For 3 weeks this car you've chosen to own is your best friend, your soul-mate, your companion, your passion, and the light of your life.

Each day you are going to blog or journal about your new car and how much you love it, enjoy it, and appreciate it.

Spend quality time with your car each day for 3 weeks. Romance your car anyway you wish and as much as you wish. Allow yourself to become obsessed with it.

Do not concern yourself with how to manifest the car and do not try to force the manifestation, simply romance the car, enjoy it, love it.

Think and act as if you already have it.

Talk about it like its already yours.

Talk to your car, say anything you wish to it.

At the end of your 3 week challenge, let your car go, release it, detach, and get on with your life and daily affairs.

Do what you love to do, laugh, play, have fun, and express gratitude each day for your new car and all your other blessings.

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Jul 21, 2009
by: Anonymous

I have unemployed for a year and a month, struggling to get a job, I have a bit of money to live on thanks to the Universe but how do I get a job? I applied the usual way and was not offered jobs. I applied on job wanted and got people whos businesses are going insolvent and want me to bring in clients. I am not a sales person.

Please help me, I have started spending the bit of money that I have on all sorts of things because I can't sleep at night and am very anxious about my whole life.

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