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This program will make every method you have used to apply the Law of Attraction work! It is an important part of any manifestation tool you have been using up to now, and will make any method of mastering this Law, all the more effective.

It will remove the Fear, Doubt, Worry and Uncertainty that you have about your 'Now' reality, and replace those feelings with Courage, Belief, Optimism and Certainty. And once you align your thoughts and feelings to such positive emotions, any method of applying the Law of Attraction, will work.

This course is not about using visualizing or affirming to manifest the experiences you desire to have, it is about aligning to the experiences through changing the way you think and feel about your current reality.

It is a 30-day program to help you raise your vibration, and within these pages you will find lessons and guidance to help you apply the Law of Attraction to many particular 'real life' situations. You will also find daily exercises to help you master your thoughts and feelings to 'raise your vibration', and 'allow' the Law of Attraction to align you with your dreams and desires.

30-Days to Unlock The Power makes up the first section of my Law of Attraction training program, Unlock The Power of You, and if you follow each lesson, and each exercise for the next 30-Days, I guarantee that you life will change.

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30-Days to Unlock The Power

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