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Take The Boundless Living Challenge!
July 01, 2008



Take The Boundless
Living Challenge! extraordinary opportunity for you to
experience a transformation in virtually
any area of your life, for free!

If you have been reading the Law-of-Attraction-Guide, you will know that I have a huge amount of respect for Bob Doyle and his Wealth Beyond Reason Program, in fact I know that many of you take part in this fantastic Law of Attraction training.

Well. Bob Doyle, who you may know from the movie The Secret, has just announced what he's calling The Boundless Living Challenge.

The Boundless Living Challenge is awarding thousands of dollars in prizes, to people willing to push themselves and achieve a dream, which has eluded them throughout their life.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for you and anyone else you know, to experience a transformation in virtually any area of your life.

Bob has helped thousands of people transform their lives with his Wealth Beyond Reason Program, and now with the Boundless Living 45-day challenge he going to offer you, the same tremendous support and encouragement, with the use of some of his Wealth Beyond Reason proven, powerful tools for getting "un-stopped".

And the best news of all, theres nothing to buy!

If you decide to take this on, there is no fee to be a part, and you will have an amazing support system and ongoing coaching throughout the 45 days.

Just set your goal, use all the support and tools to help you achieve it, and you could win a fantastic prize in the process!! All For Free.

So what challenge will you take?

Start a new business? Share your hidden talent? Transform your body?

There is no goal too big or too small, as this is Your Challenge, Your Dream!

Any category is accepted, any challenge is open and you will be able to track your progress online.

So, Stop Making Excuses! And Start Living Your Passion!

To find out more, Watch The Boundless Living Challenge Video Here

Check it out. You're going to be hearing a lot more about it from people other than me in the coming days, I'm sure. :)


John Peace.

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