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The Law of Attraction says......
October 10, 2008


The Law of Attraction says......

“we attract to our lives, whatever we give our attention, energy and focus to... Whether wanted or wanted.”

In other words, by being positive and optimistic and by focusing on success, you will attract positive experiences.

While being sad, depressed and worried you will attract negative experiences.

Sounds Simple Doesn’t It! :-)

Just shift your thoughts to the positive, and you’ll have more of what you want...

So, why is it, that even knowing this, so many people can’t seem to change their situation?

How come, even when you try to focus on the positive, you still find debt, frustration and unhappiness?

You see, having a positive frame of mind isn’t as simple as throwing a switch.

Yes, those who have pretty much what they want around them seem to apply the Law of Attraction with ease, and with great results.

But for others, perhaps in debt, in an unhappy relationship or generally dissatisfied with their lives, a positive switch is not easy to find.

And Here’s Why....

I said in the beginning of this email, you attract to your life whatever you give your attention, energy and focus to, whether you want or not.

Well, let’s put that another way.

Lets call your attention, your anticipation, your energy, emotion, and your focus, the here and now.

Most people anticipate an event, give that event emotion and then focus on what they’ve got. A recipe for disaster if your not getting what you want! :-(

If you’re in debt think about how you react to the mail coming.

You anticipate the ‘Bad News Mail’, you get upset, depressed and frustrated when another demand arrives, and you focus on your lack of finances.

This ‘way of thinking’ is the reason that so much of what we don’t want, keeps turning up.

If you’re in an unhappy relationship, think about how you anticipate your partner coming home, how emotion and feelings is mixed into them walking through the door and how you then focus on what an unhappy relationship you’re in.

If you’re unhappy at work, think about how you anticipate Monday mornings, how your emotion and feelings are mixed into your drive to work and how you then, focus on how unhappy at work you are.

But to make this ‘way of thinking’ even worse, we don’t seem to have any control over it.

It’s automatic, it’s our way of reacting to our environment, our way of learning and programming our brains. Oh, and yes, it’s absolutely necessary for our survival. It’s our subconscious thought.

So, To Change Your Reality, you need to change your subconscious thought.

And this is the challenge for anyone who really wants to master the Law of Attraction.

But how do you change subconscious thought?

Subconscious thought is really just practised thought, it’s how a pianist plays the piano and a secretary types, and it is achieved through training and practise.

In fact, every skill your subconscious has, you put there by training and practising, but you also put those negative responses there too.


John Peace.

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