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Have the Life of Your Dreams...
April 29, 2008



I have just finished reviewing a fantastic book that I thought you should know about, itís written by Traci Brown, and when I say book, thatís a bit of an under-estimation!!

It would be better described as a guide toward self-discovery and goal setting, brimming with insights, life lessons and tools for how to create and live the life youíve dreamed about.

Oh, and for those who donít know, Traci is a three time US Collegiate National Champion and former US National Cycling Team Member who now works as a Personal Trainer for Your Mind.

The book ďHow to Make Money, Have Fun and Love What You DoĒ is for those of you who are looking to be more fun, vibrant, alive and affluent.

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In this book, youíll follow the author through her journey from pro sports to true fulfilment and passion in the work world.

*Youíll be given the tools used by the happiest and most successful people in the world.

*Youíll understand whatís motivating you at a deep, unconscious level.

*Youíll learn how to quickly, permanently and easily get past mental roadblocks and old patterns.

*Youíll be taught the most effective goal setting technique available today so you can automatically reach any goal.

Through it all, youíll laugh and cheer at victory, youíll be with her as she overcomes tragedy and youíll be on the edge of your seat with excitement.

What I love about this book is the fact that Traci practises what she preaches, she has an impeccable background in achievement, which can only have been gained by the goal setting and deep searching methods that she shares with the reader.

But itís not just her sporting accolades that really stamps this book with authority, itís the way Traci has managed to apply these principle to the good stuff of life, and with a client base of many professional and Olympic athletes; CEOs and people just like you who want to be at their best, Traci is an authority.

If you are not, totally excited, to get up and go to work every day.

If you spend most of your time, in places you donít want to be, because you have to.

Then this book needs to be on your shelf!

Youíd pay thousands of dollars for this information in live training events, but now these tools are revealed for a fraction of the cost.

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You donít have to want to be the best in the world to get the most out of this book. You just have to want to be the best you can be.

ďHow to Make Money, Have Fun and Love What You DoĒ is a MUST READ no matter what age or income level.


John Peace.

Law of Attraction Author and Self-Development Advice.
Applying The Law of Attraction
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