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what The Secret didn't tell you...
August 23, 2010

A part of the Law-of-Attraction-Guide website is a section where you can send in your own reviews of Law of Attraction books and courses. And from time to time I post reviews and experiences that readers like you have shared with me.

The other day I read a testimonial of a Law of Attraction book called The Quantum CookBook, (I say book, but it’s really more of a Law of Attraction manual).

Here’s what I read…..

“Following the methods in The Quantum Cookbook, my manifestation has provided tremendous results. Within the space of just eight days, I've managed to pay off all of my debts, and help attract a new partner into my life. I can't thank Bradley Thompson enough.

And things are coming exactly as I demanded. Right down to the amounts, the people involved, everything. I'm amazed.

This is my first experience of manifestation, and I'm in Awe.”

Now, I don’t get many rave reviews like this, so I thought I’d better check it out

The Quantum CookBook

What The Secret Did Not Tell You, The Quantum CookBook dishes up!

Although the film The Secret did a fantastic job of telling people about the Law of Attraction, the steps they suggested that you use to master this principle, has left many people lost and bewildered.

In fact, what has been left out has done more damage, than any good the film did. As The Secret left a gaping hole in the manifestation process, a hole that The Quantum CookBook will most definitely plug.

So what do the 24 "Secret" Teachers really think of the final cut of The Secret?

How much more would you have learnt if they had included these two unwritten steps?

The Quantum CookBook gives you an opportunity to complete The Secret, and discover the steps to separate yourself from the ordinary.

The book will help you to understand the concept of the Law of Attraction, and by following the six-step process to manifesting, you will discover how to create and attract, anything you desire… Fast

Inside the cover…

One thing I want to stress is that The Quantum Cookbook is not hype or fluff. This is the real deal… an expose on The Secret and the Truth about The Law of Attraction.

One of my favourite lessons is… How To Kill The White Bear Syndrome. This is the secret method for stopping your mind thinking about things it shouldn’t be thinking about, so that you can manifest the positive in your life. This alone is worth the price of the guide!

Another great insight is how you should Never Want the things you manifest! It sounds paradoxical, but do this and you might as well throw away the whole experience!

Other lessons include an expose from Fred Alan Wolf (The Secret & What The Bleep). As he reveals the truth about the Law of Attraction and explains exactly why it cannot work the way that it is being presented to the public… this is the first time I have ever heard him speak the truth about both movies and he reveals exactly what they left out.

Other Secret teachers like James Ray and Joe Vitale also reveal the critical steps to the manifestation process, left out of the film The Secret.…. and how you can use “harmony” to turbo charge your manifesting.!

I have learned a lot from The Quantum Cookbook, and have no hesitation in endorsing it.

Best of all it’s as easy as inserting an audio CD into your CD Player. Listen in your car… on your computer… at work or at home…. and let The Secrets pour out your speakers or headphones!!

HERE… To Find Out More About The Quantum CookBook

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John Peace.

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