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Help Children To Master The Law of Attraction
September 17, 2009

Help Children To Master The Law of Attraction

How do we go about telling our children about the Law of Attraction? And get them to really understand that they can Be, Do, and Have anything they want in life.

To celebrate the releases of.....

The Secret to Teen Power

The New Book from The Secret Team, that brings the message of the film, directly to teenagers, here is a quick 5-point plan to help you.

As a parent it is a natural thing to want our children to do well at school, and often children face many pressures to produce good reports and exam results.

Yet when we look at the majority of “Success Personalities”, it’s interesting that many of them have a poor educational background, or come from the ‘could do better’ section of schools.

So what is it that sets successful and unsuccessful people apart?

Quite simply, they have a passion for what they do...

So how do we help our children become successful?

By exploring, supporting and helping them find their passion and follow their dreams.

Here are five simple steps to help your children apply the Law of Attraction.

  1. Have a positive , calm and supportive attitude, show gratitude and take the time to see the world in all its wonder

  2. Make a Vision Board with your child, based on what they want, and get them to express how they will feel when they have these things

  3. Listen to your children’s dreams and aspiration, help them to uncover new information to make their goals ‘realistic’

  4. Tell them about the Law of Attraction, and point out when the things they had been asking for start showing up.

  5. When they are old enough, introduce them to the film The Secret, and the new book The Secret to Teen Power.

What Is The Secret to Teen Power?

The Secret to Teen Power brings the message of the film The Secret, directly to teenagers, teaching them to live in harmony with the Law of Attraction.

The book includes all the themes of teenage life - self-image, relationships, school, family, ambitions, values, and dreams - are covered in this brand new, all-embracing book.

The Secret to Teen Power is crammed with powerful tips and strategies to help young readers discover their purpose, achieve happiness and harmony in every aspect of their lives, and create abundance and joy.

To read a review of The Secret to Teen Power, and watch a Video Trailer, click on the link below....

The Secret to Teen Power Review and Video Trailer

If you have no children, why not pass this along to someone who does?


John Peace.

P.S., If you know of any good Law of Attraction books that have helped your child, or yourself, why not write a review and post it on our Law of Attraction book review page.

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