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I was wrong.... Positive Thinking Does Not Work!
October 02, 2009

Positive Thinking Does Not Work

Ever since I started writing the, I have explained to my readers that....

“They bring into their lives what they most strongly
focus and think about, whether wanted or unwanted”

And if you wanted to stop attracting Negative Experiences, you need to stop your Negative Thoughts. And the best way to do that was by Thinking Positive Thoughts.

The trouble is.....

  • Are we just papering over the cracks?
  • Are the negative thoughts still there?
  • Are we just suppressing our Limiting Beliefs into our subconscious?
If we are, then it’s quite obvious that the only way to deal with Negative Thought, is to Let It Go.

Not an easy thing to do.

At least...... I didn’t think it was easy until I found this amazing system.

What is this system?

It is an easy to master, simple to use tool, to get rid of ANY Negative Thought, completely.

And it works in minutes.

Take my word, I tried it yesterday and couldn’t believe the results... This has really grabbed my attention.

Here’s what happened....

A reader asked for my opinion of this system, and although I was aware of it, I had no real experience using it. She gave me a website address that she had been recommended, and off I went to find out what I could.

At the website I found lots of information explaining how this system worked, how it was developed and many testimonials from readers who had overcome all kinds of issues.

In short, this system worked by asking yourself 3 simple questions...

Could you really clear ANY unwanted thought, by just asking 3 simple questions?

I thought not, but as I wanted to understand a bit more, I signed up for the Fr-ee CD and DVD, (I say Fr-ee, but there was a small $6 dollar charge for Postage and Packing).

Once I had entered my details I was redirected to a thank you page with a download link for a starter MP3 audio.

I downloaded the audio, sat down with my partner, and started to listen.

Once we had listened to the introduction and some seminar highlights, the instructor, Hale Dwoskin, demonstrated this system.

Following Hale’s instructions we both choose a negative issue and went through the sequence of questions.

Wow, What a feeling!

I couldn’t believe and can’t really describe the physical feeling, it was almost like someone was undoing a knot in my stomach, and then..... a surreal feeling of peace.

This wasn’t just my experience, my partner felt the same effect, it was amazing.

I’ve since tried it on a number of issues, and I have to say, I’m feeling on top of the world. I just can’t wait until my Fr-ee DVD and CD arrive.

This system is called The Sedona Method, and if you would like to try it, and order your Fr-ee DVD and CD, use the link below, it will take you straight to the order page;

Receive your Fr-ee DVD and CD

As I mentioned, you will have to pay about $6 Dollars P&P, slightly more if your outside the US.

Or if you would like to read up on The Sedona Method, use the following link to check out Hale Dwoskin’s website;

I have also written a short page about The Sedona Method, on my Law-of-Attraction-Guide website.

There’s not as much information as Hale’s site, but there is a little bit of background on Sedona, and a short video to watch. Just follow the link below;

More Information on The Sedona Method

, I would recommend that you give this system a go, but if you’d rather wait, I will let you know how I got on with the Fr-ee DVD and CD.


John Peace.

P.S., Here’s the link for the Fr-ee Sedona Method stuff.

Receive your Fr-ee DVD and CD

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