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How to Take Control
April 20, 2010

John Peace here from the Just a quick email to update you on a couple of things..

You may have had an email from me, asking you to connect on FaceBook, if you have, feel free to accept my friend’s request, or, if you want you can follow the Law-of-Attraction-Guide Page, by becoming a Fan.

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Law of Attraction Questions of The Week

The Law of Attraction Tips and Advice Page is where we can quickly offer you help and advice to specific “Undesirable Experiences” you may be having.

Here are some of my favourite question of this week…

And of course, my answers.

The Law of Attraction Winning The Lottery
How long does it take to win a lottery using the law of attraction?

Attract A Mate Using The Law of Attraction
I am having difficulty understanding why I'm not attracting friends and men alike, who are on the same path as I am, since I believe likes attract likes!!

The Law of Attraction And Jealousy
I know I can't control their reality but I also can't help but get upset by the thought that they might be together. Is there a way I can just move on from both of them, and not let their decisions affect me?

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John Peace.


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