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Law of Attraction News... #Issue 4
June 01, 2011

The New Law of Attraction News

Welcome to June's issue of the Law of Attraction News

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How? How? How?

How can I "act" like I have lots of money? I know that we are to feel and act like we are rich.

I just don't know how to do this!! I first learned about the Law of Attraction back in 2000, and I still just don't know how to do this pretending and feeling like I am rich!!

How? How? How? Read More Here...

Being Grateful Warms Your Heart

Since I started reading the Law-of-Attraction-Guide along with Jose Silva's ESP and a few other in-putters, our lives have most certainly changed for the better, so we have much to be grateful for.

The most astonishing thing is that whenever I think of, a subject matter I might need some more information on....

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Validation is a short story of the ‘magic of free parking.’ A love story about a man who can bring a smile to everybody, well almost everybody. And when he fails to make a woman smile, he takes on the challenge with unexpected consequences.

This film has won numerous awards including Best Narrative Short, from Cleveland International Film Festival, Jury Award, from the General Art Chicago Film Festival, and the Best Short Comedy, Breckenridge Festival of Film, (just to name a few).

Click on the video to watch.

Which LOA Tools Are Right?

For example, I don't know how to create a good vision because I have no idea which country we are going to or if he is coming here or I'm going there, or if I should picture myself going on a plane or him getting off one.

I also have no idea which kind of affirmations to use for I don't know if he's coming or I'm going or even where we are going, because we really don't care how it happens, we just want to be together.

Which LOA Tools Are Right??

Conversations With God

There is not enough I can say about Neale Donald Walsch’s series of books, the Conversations With God, other than to some up how I feel about the books as life changing!

My first introduction to Neale Donald Walsch's best-selling trilogy, came from a film I was given which mapped out Neale’s life and experiences running up to his first series of questions he wrote to God.

Neale Donald Walsch The Conversations With God film itself is empowering, yet went nowhere to prepare me for.....

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John Peace.

#Issue 4
June 1st 2011

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You really get the sense that John is about more than just revenue - he is genuine and passionate about this and you will be too when you Unlock the Power of You!!!

Thank you John, I'm endlessly grateful.

--Tania xxx

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