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Law of Attraction News... #Issue 7
October 12, 2011

The New Law of Attraction News

Welcome to Octoberís edition of the Law of Attraction News.

I hope you have been enjoying this newsletter as much as I enjoy writing it, but if you feel you that it could be improved, please feel free to let me know. You can either reply to this email, or you could use the contact form at my website.

Any feedback at all is greatly appreciated.

We have a real mix of articles this month, including questions I have answered in the last few weeks ranging from sex to money, (great subjects to think about).

There is also a fantastic and inspiring story from one of my Law of Attraction course students, and a beautiful tale of love and commitment in the time of need.

Also, this weeks book review is a must read.

Remember, if you see an article you like and you want to read more, click the link below the introduction.

And if you want to add your own thoughts to any of the stories, most of the pages have a link to add your own comments

Law of Attraction And Sex

Currently we have sex very rarely or not at all. I suffer but I try to stay positive, think and feel good. I write affirmations, do vision boards and feel gratitude for what I have. I also read a lot about the Law of Attraction what always lifts my mood.

But I think I might do something wrong?

Clearly I have been always attracting a lack of sex satisfaction to my life. Why is that? Do I do something wrong?

WARNING, although this question deals with a gay relationship, the essence of the question can be applied to other couples. Also, the subject is quite explicit. Read More Here....

Law of Attraction Lessons

John, I am on a new adventure now of self-discovery thanks to you and your lessons. It's never too late and one is never too old to learn new things and here is proof of that.

I found the by browsing older posts in the TUT forum and found John's post of 2010 regarding his book and program.

I had already read several books on manifesting and had been listening to various lectures on it, in fact I have a whole collection of self-help material, current material and older, some even going back to the 1970's. Read More Here...

Wonder What I Am Doing Wrong

I meditate, I stay positive & I try not to think of my financial state & concentrate on what I want & not what I don't want, but still nothing seems to work.

I affirm on a daily basis, but wonder why isn't it working for me? Please help...

The Only Manifestation That Matters

The negative emotion that people feeling is just an indication of the gap between the vibration of their desires, and the vibration that they are holding. And as soon as they raise the vibration they have, to a vibration that is nearer to their desires, they will feel the relief.

Of course, Abraham can explain this far more eloquently than I can, so watch the video below to get this important message.

Book Review: The Shack by William P Young

Strictly speaking this is not a Law of Attraction book, but it is a story that is definitely worth sharing with a Law of Attraction audience.

My mother, who is a religious minded lady, being unafraid of a new perspective on spirituality and God, gave this book to me, and I have to say, I couldn't put it down.

It is not very often that my emotions get the better of me, especially when reading, but there were times that I found this book so difficult to read as I struggled to focus through welled up eyes.

Read My Review Here...

Law of Attraction And Spending My Last Dollars

Here is where I get tripped up. Lets say I really want to buy some stuff and I only have, oh lets say $30.00 left in my checking account, and another week until I get paid again.

Should I just go ahead and buy the stuff I want, and then just trust that the next week I will be taken care of?

Here's What I Think...

Grateful For Being Able To Help My Friend

I am grateful for God giving me the chance to help my ex-boyfriend through a very, very difficult time after a horrible motorcycle accident.

He was unable to walk or take care of himself.

Read This Beautiful Story Here...

Do You Have A Question?

If you have a burning question about the Law of Attraction, donít forget you can ask it at my website, or you might already find an answer to a similar problem to yours already answered.

Ask And Read Law of Attraction Questions Here...

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I hope you have enjoyed this Issue, look out for next months when it lands in your Inbox in October.


John Peace.

#Issue 7
October 2011

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You really get the sense that John is about more than just revenue - he is genuine and passionate about this and you will be too when you Unlock the Power of You!!!

Thank you John, I'm endlessly grateful.

--Tania xxx

I have recently been studying the Law of Attraction and, after reading the Quick Start course of the Unlock The Power of You program, I must admit that my confidence is renewed and I am ready for the fresh new start.

My vibrational level has increased and I am eager to put my thoughts into motion and start living the life that I know I fully deserve.

Thank you John for sharing your ideas and steps with me.

I intend to "Pay it Forward" more and look so much forward to six months from now when I will see all of my current dreams realized.

--Carol Grant

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