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Law of Attraction News... #Issue 8
November 29, 2011

The New Law of Attraction News

I was all set to send you November’s edition of the Law of Attraction when I was informed that Jerry Hicks, of the Abraham-Hicks partnership, had recently passed away.

In celebration of Jerry’s contribution to so many of us, I have rewritten this months Newsletter as a dedication to Jerry and the work both he and Esther have done with Abraham.

So, as you would expect, this months Law of Attraction News has a real Abraham-Hicks flavour, and for those of you who might be unfamiliar with their work, please visit the Abraham-Hicks Page on my website, or my special page about Jerry Hicks.

And if you want to add your own thoughts, most of the pages have a link to add your own comments

Jerry Hicks Transition

The notice of Jerry Hicks transition was given at the Abe-Blog last week, informing us that on Friday 18th November Jerry Hicks died after his short battle with cancer.

If anyone wishes to leave any thoughts of condolence to Esher Hicks, there is a special website available to do so, please follow the link below for all the details.

Appreciation For Jerry Hicks

From Grief To Joy

This seems such a fitting message on hearing of Jerry Hicks death on November 18th.

What is this empty feeling we feel from this experience of death? Do we miss the people who have left us, or do we miss the feelings of connection that these loved ones provided for us?

The Meaning of Life

Abraham, what is the meaning of life?

I absolutely love this video, and Abraham’s answer, is as ever, revealing, inspiring and joyous. But put to music, and with beautiful video clip, all makes this message delicious.

Book Review: Abraham-Hicks Books

There are far to many books written by Abraham-Hicks for me to pick out just one for this special newsletter, so here is a selection of the very best of Abraham Hicks Books.

Each book is available in a different format, possibly CD or DVD, just click on the book cover and you will be given an overview of each book, as well as an independent review.

Some of these books will also have Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction affirmation cards, or calendars to go with them.

Read My Reviews Here...

The Most Profound Question

Do you create your own reality? In this video, Abraham (through Esther), explains how the ‘questions’ about the Law of Attraction have moved away in recent times, from questions asking, “how could this Law of Attraction work?”

The answer is a surprise, but not as much as a surprise as the follow up question asked by a member of the audience. Abraham describes this question as ‘The Most Profound Question’.

So what is The Most Profound Question?

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I hope you have enjoyed this Issue, look out for next months when it lands in your Inbox in December.


John Peace.

#Issue 8
November 2011

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You really get the sense that John is about more than just revenue - he is genuine and passionate about this and you will be too when you Unlock the Power of You!!!

Thank you John, I'm endlessly grateful.

--Tania xxx

I have recently been studying the Law of Attraction and, after reading the Quick Start course of the Unlock The Power of You program, I must admit that my confidence is renewed and I am ready for the fresh new start.

My vibrational level has increased and I am eager to put my thoughts into motion and start living the life that I know I fully deserve.

Thank you John for sharing your ideas and steps with me.

I intend to "Pay it Forward" more and look so much forward to six months from now when I will see all of my current dreams realized.

--Carol Grant

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