A few examples of my manifesting.

by z

Ok so to give some further inspiration here are a few examples that have happened to me..

So I was at a point in my life where I was uncertain as to which direction to go in with regards to my career. I was feeling low and frustrated and then I was drawn to a book called The Secret one day. After reading it and feeling connected to it I began to initialize it, I then wrote down what exactly I wanted.

So I started using visualization as a tool to heighten my vibrational frequencies and had faith that whatever I wanted was simply 'on it's way' and let it go.

After a few months I came across the book that I wrote in what I wanted to achieve and I was soo happy when I realized that everything I had asked for was given to me!!

I asked to move into a nice flat as I was living with my parents at the time. I moved into a 2 bedroom flat soon after, even though I was going to be sharing a bedroom with my boyfriend, so we even had a spare bedroom! The flat is my brothers, he moved to OZ so he offered it to me. It is 5 minutes from where my parents live and I don’t pay rent!!! With this in mind I asked for more income financially and this is where the one bedroom aspect helped- earn through renting it out!

I asked to be in (find) a profession I enjoyed and paid well but I also wanted to be independent. Out of the blue I had a strong urge to do a massage course. I am now fully qualified in 1 year and continuing more advanced massage I am also self employed and very passionate about my career. I'm setting up my own business in the city. I thought I would achieve this establishment later in life however it's happening now and I am 22 years old. Note: I did not pay the thousands for my course, it was a present!

A few specific requests:

I put out to the universe that I would love to see an old friend I hadn't seen in a while. We had lost contact and I didn't have her number. What do you know... I let that visualization go and one evening soon after, she rang me after 2 years!! We are going to meet up soon.

Recently I was shopping and wanted some massage oil but the oil I saw and wanted was more money than I had on me at that time. So I said to myself I want this but was in a hurry so had to go so I put the oil, that was actually in my hand, back and forgot about it. Sooo xmas has just passed and with nobody knowing about this oil, my boyfriend's mum bought me it as a present! I was once again holding the oil in my hand!

It happens all the time, I wanted candles I again received a very expensive and beautiful one from my brother at xmas. As for money, it comes to me from all sources and unexpectedly. I don’t do the lottery often but I bought a ticket recently I said to my friend I have won, with total faith, I am a winner I repeated. That night I won. It was only a small amount but I didn't state a specific amount I had won so the universe decided. It was lovely nevertheless.

My Mercedes convertible is on it's way, just waiting for me to collect... :D

Well done guys!
Love to all.

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