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My name is John Peace, I am a Law of Attraction practitioner, and offer help and advice to people trying to apply the Law of Attraction principles to their life, through my website

I was introduced to the Law of Attraction about 10 years ago, at a time when my business was facing financial ruin, and I desperately needed to turn things around.

But like so many people, I found it difficult to master these ideas, thinking that just being aware of the Law and by practicing my visualizations, I would have everything I desired.

Unfortunately, things didn't quite go to plan, and as I now know why, 'my worse fears were realized'.. I lost my home and my business.

I originally turned to the internet to try and support my failing business, and quickly came to realize that there is so much bad information out there that making money online is not automatic.

It wasn't until I attracted a company called SBI, that I started to understand how the online business works.

SBI! makes online business success do-able. Anyone can succeed with an all-in-one process, tools, and guidance.

Although the is not my first site, it was the first time that I could write about what I had discovered, and write about it in such a way that I was able to create an audience for my ideas.

It's interesting that through the question and answer section of my website, that just like I had experienced, so many people were having trouble in applying the Law of Attraction to their lives.

Through answering these questions, I began to realize that there has been an over simplistic approach to the Law of Attraction which has left many people feeling disheartened, frustrated and helpless.

This naturally fed directly into my Law of Attraction training program, as I was able to show people step-by-step, exactly what they need to do to live the life of their dreams.

About my training program...

My training program is called Unlock The Power of You and is a four part program helping people to discover exactly what they need to do to get the Law of Attraction to finally work in their favor.

Unfortunately there is no 'one fits all' method to mastering these ideas as so many commentaries would have people think, and I have done my utmost to ensure that whatever someone's circumstances are today, by simply following a set of step-by-step exercises, they will uncover exactly what they need to do to change their experiences of tomorrow.

Raising Your Vibration is the very first step and in my 30-Day To Unlock The Power WorkBook, you will discover exactly how to do this.

Each day of this program presents a new lesson that deals with actual real life situations. These lessons will help you to change your unwanted experiences, as you learn to apply the Law of Attraction to specific problems.

Each daily lesson is followed by a series of Exercises to 'Raise Your Vibration'.

These exercises are easy to understand, and simple to do, and as you complete each step, you will see the positive change in your life.

This workbook is available as a separate part of my full program because many people may very well be practicing very powerful methods to manifest their desires, but because of their vibration towards their reality now, their dreams are never realized.

The next part of my training is the Unlock The Power QuickStart program.

This part of the course uncovers the Law of Attraction blocks. These are limiting beliefs that people may have (possibly from a young age), that stop them from mastering the Law of Attraction.

But not only will they uncover these blocks, they will also discover how to change them into positives, and remove them completely.

There are also lessons on how to effectively use emotion to attract desires. The Law of Attraction reacts to emotions and feelings, and once these techniques are combined with any manifestation tools, the whole process has speed.

I am offering my readers Free Access to the Unlock The Power of You QuickStart program, so they can sample what the course is about.

After completing the QuickStart program and a short reading section, comes the final step, the Unlock The Power Lessons

This is an Advanced Law of Attraction Training Course using Video, eBooks, and Audios.

These lessons show us that our reality is truly a reflection of our thoughts and beliefs. That what we think, feel and focus on, becomes our experiences.

And as we become more aware and gain control of these thoughts, we will start to create the reality we desire.

Unlock The Power of You and is a four part program helping people to discover exactly what they need to do to get the Law of Attraction to finally work in their favor.

master the law of attraction

I was recently interviewed about my thoughts about the Law of Attraction, and how to go about applying this Law to your lives, here are some of the questions I was asked, and of course, my response.

What would be my tip for anyone struggling with the Law of Attraction?

I would simply say this, stop trying to change your reality!

Instead, invest in a book and start to list the best of your now experience.

  • What is the best of this moment?
  • What is the best of this experience?
  • What positives has this reality brought you?

List these things, think about these things, be grateful for these things, and whenever a thought or feeling enters your mind that contradicts these things, switch to the thoughts and feelings that are of the best of now.

When you come to terms with where you are now, you can start to define where you want to be tomorrow.

Why do you think that it is so important to come to terms with where you are now?

Many people will tell you that if you want to attract something, you must first visualize your desire, you must then emotionally feel having your desire, and as you focus your thoughts and feelings on having your desire now, the reality will come.

As a process, this is true, but when you are in a reality of not having the things you want, and you only attempt to change your focus, you will find this very difficult.

The Law of Attraction will bring you what you vibrate, and by vibrate I mean your most predominant thoughts and feelings.

If we take the example of wanting to attract more money.

If you have an experience of not enough, then you must have a vibration of not enough. When I say a vibration of not enough, I mean that your predominant thoughts and feelings would be of fear of lack of money.

Similarly, if you have an experience of just getting by, then you must have a vibration of just getting by, or your predominant thoughts and feelings would be that believe you would just get by.

If either of these situations were your experience, then an obvious method to change the unwanted experience would be change your predominant thoughts and feelings. That is, change the vibration of not enough to match the vibration of your desire.

And to do this, you would usually be told to visualize, emotionalize, talk, act and pretend, that your desired experience was your reality now.

In other word if you were experiencing a lack of money, you would visualize, emotionalize, talk, act and pretend that an experience of plenty of money, was your reality now.

But how can you do that when you have to face the difficulties of the reality of lack you have now?

You see the real secret to changing your reality, is at first, accepting your reality as it is.

I know that sounds a bit confusing, especially when you are continually being told to focus on what you want, but believe me, until you accept your reality now, no matter what you focus on, it will never come about.

This is because the Law of Attraction lines you up with your predominant thoughts and feeling, and when you are aware of these thoughts and feelings, and all you try to do is focus on what you want, you are never really changing your vibration.

All you are doing is defining where you are and where you want to be, and noticing, thinking, and feeling, how bad the difference between these realities feels. And you create a reality that hold these to places apart, making you feel exactly how you have been feeling.

No amount of acting and pretending will ever get you to what you are acting and pretending about. Accept where you are today, and become happy, satisfied and content with where you are and just look forward to where you are going.

Thoughts of lack, sponsor a reality of lack, and it is really important that you redefine the thoughts about the lack that you are experiencing, so that they cease to sponsor more lack into your future.

That's fine when it comes to money, but do you think that the same process could apply to relationships?

When it comes to relationships of any kind, it is common for many, if not most people, to spend their time focusing on the unwanted way that people behave.

If you ever hear anyone talking about their work colleges, their bosses, their friends, their husbands and wives, or anyone who they are in contact with, it is usual for many people to point out the worst behaviour of these people.

And they usually use their complaining as their excuse for not being happy, here's what I mean.

... work would be much better if my boss wasn't so mean, or my colleges weren't so bitchy, or if the customers were more patient.
... my husband would be a better companion if he gave me more attention, wasn't so uninterested in what I did, or if he did more around the house.
... my marriage would be perfect if my wife didn't nag so much, if she let me go out, or didn't complain at me watching the TV.

What they are saying, in each of these examples is this...

My experiences would be a match to my desires, if the people who I associate with changed the way they behaved, and once they have changed their behaviour, I will no longer feel this negative emotion.

What they are failing to understand here is this...

The negative emotion they have, is the cause of the negative behaviour they see, and as much as they push against their unwanted experiences, the stronger they bring these experiences in to their reality.

This is how the Law of Attraction works. The negative emotion is your vibration, and it is through that vibration, that all matching harmonious conditions are brought into your experience.

To try and change an experience by chasing away the people who are bringing that experience, will only bring more people to offer that same experience.

If you wish to change an experience, then the only action you need take, is to change the feelings that you have toward that experience, and then, as the Law of Attraction matches all harmonious vibrations, the new experience that matches your vibration, shall be brought to your reality.

So should you still do the exercise of writing down all the goods things in your relationship?

Focus your thoughts and feelings on the best of what you observe

Yes absolutely, but please understand that you are not trying to change a reality, you are not trying to get someone to do something, what you are doing is adjusting your vibration to match the best that someone has to offer.

And as you become a vibrational match to this preferred behaviour, it enables them to offer you a match to your vibration.

Or... In much the same way, if they are not a harmonious match to your positive vibration, they could vibrate right out of your reality.

But I wouldn't stop there. I would do this exercise of writing down all the goods things in all your relationships.

How could you best sum up your principles to applying the Law of Attraction to your life?

Focus your thoughts and feelings on the best of what you observe, and with time this focus will become belief, will become a vibration within you, and as you vibrate the best of what you see, the best of what is, shall be aligned to you, as the best experience there is.

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John Peace

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