by Tim Bland

Well, I have now attracted so much in my life by visualisation and belief that I would be a fool to regard it all as coincidence. Coincidence can be used to explain the first few times, but after it works 10 or twenty times? And after that? This thing just works!

Looking back, I have used The Law of Attraction throughout my entire life, sometimes with desirable outcomes, sometimes with horrendously terrible outcomes, but ALL due to MY thoughts and focus and belief.

The Law of Attraction has given me EVERYTHING I have dreamed of, so I'm now very careful to make my dreams positive!

Tiny things are where I noticed it first.

I wore army combat trousers to work because they were hard wearing, but I only owned two pairs. I just thought one day how good it would be if I owned 5 pairs, one for every day. I imagined getting my hands on a big pile of combats in a way I could afford (I was rather poor at the time). I actually imagined a bin-bag full.

My thoughts went off the subject and I totally forgot about the idea. Then, two weeks later my sister phoned me saying she had a bin-bag full of combats in my size that had been given to her and I could have them if I wished. It wasn't until I brought the bag home that I remembered my passing visualisation.

My mouse was playing up on my computer and I thought about how much easier it would be if I had a new one. The next day a friend walked in with a new mouse and gave it to me because he'd got it free and didn't need it.

I started playing with visualisation and the Law of Attraction purposefully and have brought into my life a new sound system, a 17th century house with old oak beams and upstairs windows so low I can look out of them from laying on my bed (exactly what I wanted), a relationship full of Love that has been going on for seven years and shows no signs of ever ending, a bundle of cash that I could do whatever I wanted with, a new computer, a new pair of boots at half the price they should of been, a new job doing exactly what I visualised in exactly the right place and for exactly the right money, a pair of benches for my garden, a pot bellied stove for free, an Alfa Romeo for less than £300 in mint condition, the opportunity to make £2,500 in a day, and countless other things. All of these things came, as if out of nowhere, out of circumstances that you would say, "Oh! What a coincidence! I was only thinking about that the other day!"

Not only this, but I have also noticed that by thinking about someone I haven't seen for years, they just appear in my life, out of the blue, and in the strangest circumstances!

One thing is for sure, the more you use The Law of Attraction, the easier it is to manifest something.

To try it out for yourself do what I did first, just picture an object, something you don't usually see, and picture it in precise detail. Hold or feel the object, feel how real it is - the texture, the temperature, how you feel when you have it. Make the whole experience as real as possible. And then FORGET all about it! In very little time that thing WILL come into your life!

If your visualisation has not been specific enough you might only SEE the object in a day or so, or you may see it on television, but if you are more specific you will stumble across it, be given it or will find it at a price you can afford. It's so weird, but it works!

On the negative side of things, when we moved into our new house, I became very worried about being broken into. We had gained so many nice things that I was so worried they would be taken away from us. I kept imagining coming home and finding the place empty or our 40" TV gone. After a couple of weeks I noticed a strange man hanging around over the road from our house and he was there every morning until I pulled up next to him and let him see me get a good look at his face.

The next day he wasn't there. This only fuelled my worries. A week later I actually caught him and a friend trying to break into the back of our house one morning. I suddenly realised how I had been imagining exactly that! And I forced myself to think the opposite instead. I imagined that whenever someone tried to get into my house, they were disturbed or something prevented them from getting in. And I imagined this every day, sometimes many times a day, for several weeks. 3 years later and we have had no break-ins!

I think, from my humble experience, that we have thousands of thoughts every day, and the ones we focus our energy or intent on, actually manifest themselves. They can bring trouble and strife OR all things nice!

Best Wishes for your Hopes and Dreams!

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Nov 27, 2011
by: Joyce

Wow, how many years have you used the Law of Attraction?

It sounds like you have used it for many things in your life so well done. I do find my problem is with visualisation. I can dream and imagine ok but actually to visualise and then feel what I want is quite a struggle. How do you do it so effortlessly to have manifested what you have including your partner?

Mar 15, 2012
share your blessings
by: Anonymous

wow, I immediately copied your experience into my phone so as to read it everyday. Can you help us on how you do your visualization process? God Bless!

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