Affirmation Book Reviews

An Affirmation Book can help you to structure your affirmations in a way that makes them positive, progressive and constructive.

The use of affirmations can be an important part of achieving the things you desire, because they help you to change negative and destructive thought processes into positive and constructive ones.

But although using affirmations help you to apply the Law of Attraction, if they are constructed badly they could have a profoundly negative effect.

Using these books will help you to avoid poorly written affirmations as many will be pre-written, or if they are not, they will give the correct process to construct your own powerful affirmations.

The following affirmation books are my favorite, and they all offer strong techniques to help you change many aspects of your life experience. There is also a selection of well made affirmation CD's and MP3's available which you will also find helpful.

Recommended Affirmation Books

Below you will find my affirmation book review for each publication, to find out more, simple click on the book image, you may also want to check out this affirmation book selection at

Affirmations Your Passport To Happiness

This is a first class affirmation book that can help in many challenging areas of life, from dealing with phobias and lack of confidence, to achieving your life goals.

The instructions and exercises are easy to follow and practical, helping you to turn your life around and reach the potential you desire.

The books author, Dr. Anne Marie Evers, is an international motivational speaker and Best Selling Author

She is also the CEO of Affirmations International Publishing Company and one of the most respected professional in her field, and her website The Wonderful World of Affirmations will tell you much more and is well worth visiting.

Change Almost Anything In 21 Days

The author's own experience is the inspiration for this affirmation book, how through the discovery of affirmations she was able to transform and reclaim her life.

By following the techniques outlined in Ruth Fishel's book you will be able to see that it is, in fact, possible to Change Almost Anything In 21 Days.

This expanded version includes over 500 pre-written affirmations covering topics such as anger, addictions, confidence, careers, health, fears, money and forgiveness, so it is quite easy to find the perfect affirmation for any life situation or life challenge that you may be having.

Affirmations For The Inner Child

When it comes to understanding the Law of Attraction, I have said, throughout this website that the Law of Attraction aligns to your reality a match to your focused thoughts and feelings.

So what makes up our focused thoughts and feelings?

Well, a thought we keep thinking can be termed a belief, and it is to this belief about what we can and cannot have that the Law of Attraction will draw experiences to us.

The trouble is that often our beliefs are based upon other people's thoughts that have been expressed to us, over and over, particularly when we were children.

Great if these thoughts were positive and constructive, but not so great is they were threatening, destructive and distorted.

This affirmation book teaches you to deal with limiting beliefs that someone has grown up with. It is by dispelling the limiting ideas that others people believed of you, that you will have the opportunity to soar.

An Affirmation Book can help you to structure your affirmations in a way that makes them positive, progressive and constructive.

I Believe In Me

This is a lovely affirmation book for children, containing some beautiful and inspiring pictures, as well as a collection of affirmations that will uplift your child.

Although teaching children to use affirmations might seem a little unnecessary, they are certainly no stranger to this process...

Just think about when you are teaching your child a new skill, what do you tell them? Do you give them a message of positivity of being able to achieve this new skill, or do you tell that that they just can't do it?

Although you may not be aware of it, affirmations play an important part of our lives on a daily basis. They are that self-talk of either positivity or negativity about what we can and cannot do. What this book hopes to do is to get your child to think more often than not, in a more constructive and positive way rather than holding thoughts of failure and limitation.

This affirmation book was named in Huffington Post's top fifty inspiring books with a positive message.

Write It Down, Make It Happen

One of the principles of using affirmations is the process of thinking about and defining the experiences you would like to have.

Deciding upon your goals and writing them down is a fundamental part of applying the Law of Attraction, and this affirmation book will help you to clarify your goals, build your confidence, remove any doubt and help you to actively work towards achieving your desires.

Write It Down, Make It Happen uses a very practical, step-by-step approach to getting the things you wish to have.

What To Say When You Talk To Yourself

As we go through our day, self talk is something we all do, and there will be very few moments of your waking day that you are not commentating on the events that are taking place, usually in a judgmental way and often backed up with the possible next step to follow the last experience.

Of course you will often need this self talk as it will steer you away from danger and help you to become familiar with the consequence of each action you take, but when it becomes negative, self destructive and damaging, any attempt to better your life will be met by limitation and failure.

The techniques outlined in this affirmation book are based on a sound understanding of the workings of the human brain, and if you have something you would like to achieve, this book will help you to reach each of your goals more quickly than you ever thought possible.

I Think I Am!

Positive thoughts lead to positive experiences, negative thoughts lead to negative experiences, this is the importance of thought that is seldom taught to children, this is also a fundamental principle of applying the Law of Attraction.

This book teaches the difference between negative destructive thoughts and positive constructive thoughts and helps children to remain confident and positive, something that will stay with them for life.

I hope that you have found these reviews useful and find a book to suit your needs, if not, here you will find a large affirmation book selection.

You will also find plenty of information about using affirmations at this website.

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