Affirmation MP3 Speeding Up
Your Positive Affirmations

Affirmation MP3 and Subliminal CD's are a great, unobtrusive way of using positive affirmations. There are many types of CD available, so you can target any particular area of self improvement.

Use affirmations to Achieve More Prosperity and Abundance.

Attract More Money, Success and Independence in your life.

Attract Positive, Successful People.

Simply play affirmations in the background as you go about your daily routine, you don't have to consciously listen.

Your subconscious hears and retains the positive affirmations played in the recording and begins to create a more desired mindset.

Your mind makes the changes automatically & subconsciously!

Music, accompanying your affirmations, is extremely important to your mind's receptivity of the information! This is why music is used in almost every medium that humans use, from movies to television to advertising and so on. The right music, combined with the right message, can have an enormous affect on our receptivity.

There are many places that you can get Affirmation MP3 and CD's, most High Street Stores carry a good range, and you will find a good selection of affirmation CD's at Amazon

The more specialised Affirmation MP3 and CD stores tend to be online, and my personal favourite is

They offer the Web's largest selection of powerful subliminal recordings. All professionally produced and developed by self-development guru, Bradley Thompson, best-selling author of Developing Your Own Subliminal-Studio.

Bradley is also giving away a huge collection of Free Personal Development Tools

Buy at

The Affirmation MP3 and Subliminal CD collection covers a wide variety of subjects, including, losing excess weight, gaining confidence, develop your genius, boost your business success, turbo-charge your charisma - and MUCH more! Plus, each order comes with FREE gifts and a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Click Here To DownLoad Your Free Tools

Another great way to use affirmation MP3 and recordings is to do a Scenario Visualizations:

Once you have a goal in mind for yourself, daydream a full colour movie in your mind of what your life would be like if you achieved the goal.

Get a tape recorder and talk out the whole movie on tape. Be fully descriptive, colourful, positive, and uplifting. Use your imagination to the fullest and describe how positively you will be handling the change resulting from your goal attainment. Describe how key significant others in your life will cope successfully with your change.

Save this tape for future reference.

Write out a description of the goal attainment scenario, and keep it handy for future reference and when you are in a relaxed state, listen to the tape and read your description of the scenario every day for two weeks.

Refer back to the tape and script as time goes on until you have reached full attainment of your goal.

If you have you ever wondered why some people are able to achieve everything they desire, while some are unable to realize even their basic desires? The answer lies in your ability to program your mind using affirmations, images and visualizations, then back it all up with action steps everyday!!

Listen to these sample Affirmation Mp3's Here

If you would like to read more about Law of Attraction Affirmations, visit the Positive Affirmations Page for ideas on writing and using affirmations.

This page will explain the principal behind affirmation, with some great Law of Attraction affirmation tools and pre-written affirmation lists.

Also look at the Affirmation Exercise and Tools Page

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