Afraid of the Future

by Natália
(South Brazil)

Hi, my name's Natália and I am a Brazilian student. I was born in South Brazil, still live here and have never been to somewhere other than South America so far. It's been a few years since I first heard about the law of attraction but I think I know it well.

My trouble's actually a bit hard to explain, because I'm not sure if you know about past lives or something alike (also I'm not sure if whatever I have seen is a past life or something that might happen).

The reason why I didn't look for a regression therapy is that I have already experienced it myself...all I want now is attracting the experience of being to Ireland, studying there, etc. And I've got good reasons...

Basically (since childhood) I've never been able to speak Portuguese properly (without a "strange accent") nor enjoy Brazilian food or simply live and dress like my Brazilian friends.

While they went out to play football, dance or make drawings I used to live in my own world, telling stories to my youngest brother and looking for faeries on the backyard.

While Brazilian girls enjoyed a good sunbath I'd prefer staying pale because I "look pretty" this way. Once even I tried to dye my hair red without a reason why, just I liked the appearance...

Today it's been 2 years and a few months since I've met my first friends from Ireland.

I speak an understandable Irish (even though I have to improve some things) and I use to have the same dream quite often...all about landscapes, strange but familiar places somehow I know.

I've recently made drawings of the most frequent ones.

Anyways, I've got a strong feeling that I've been attracting unconsciously those insights into my life since I was born, so I wanna find out why is that.

I know it may seem a pathetic thought but sometimes I feel afraid of having to live here forever.

I love my family but I need to find out who am I.

All I want now is attracting the experience of being to somewhere I love, even without knowing why.

Thanks in advance for the attention.
Best regards.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

Hi Natália,

I would strongly advice against regression therapy, it may open up a bit more the you bargained for, as you’re already experiencing.

If it is your experience that you have some unfinished business elsewhere, and from another time, I can definitely tell you, you do not.

You came to experience your time and your place, not to tackle a past life issue, but to expand and enjoy this physical form, and what’s more you choose to do it.

You may be experiencing throwback memories from another time, a past, but that is exactly what they are, past.

You cannot get the past back, it’s past.

You titled your question “Afraid of the Future,” why?

You cannot live in the future, just as you cannot live in the past, now is what you have, and your fear for what is coming, will certainly bring, what you fear.

Your fear of living where you are now, forever, will only ensure one thing.

We live in a small world, and you can have and do anything you wish, if you wish to expand your experience and visit the place of your dreams, just do it....

There may be a hundred reasons why you think you can’t, but there is one reason why you should, you desire it.

You are here to expand your experience and live in joy, and if you choose it, you can have it.

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P.S. I live in Wales, not far from Ireland... When you visit make sure you bring an umbrella!!

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