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I read thorough all the queries wherein people have asked how to bring back their specific person and specific ex into their lives. All I could gather was that you cannot attract that specific person as he is the source not your experience which you should actually be experiencing.

Ok, my experience says.. I attracted my specific ex- husband then BF back from a situation wherein there was no hope by anybody, in a matter of three weeks of his going.. Assuming your stand holds true, how could this happen when my entire focus was a life with him and only him, which I eventually got?

How could I attract this new guy again when we were not in touch for almost two months, after our initial break up when he had categorically said a BIG NO and my entire focus was having him back again in my life in which I succeeded.

Now that we again have distances between us, I still find him in my dreams.. and believe that this is happening again.. and I do not miss him like crazy.. b'coz I am making myself more confident and loving of myself, so that in reality when he appears, I am more assertive about myself and have no fear of losing him...

Somehow I have managed to change the attitude of my boss towards me too and in a favorable manner by my positive frame of mind.. Again Law of Attraction applied to a specific person.

Yes for sure like all others, I would be delighted to the core when this second guy comes into my realty, who otherwise is a part and parcel of most of my visualizations. His absence is not felt that much.. but his presence would be one of the best gifts for me by UNIVERSE or SUPREME BEING above.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

The Law of Attraction is the method by which we align to experiences based upon the vibration we emit.

That is, when we think and feel we hold a frequency, it is to this frequency that the Law of Attraction responds, aligning us to experiences to help us maintain our thoughts and emotions.

If you think and feel alone, the Law of Attraction responds to align you to experiences that help you to think and feel lonely.

And, if you think and feel contented, the Law of Attraction responds to align you to experiences that help you to think and feel content.

If it is our thoughts and emotions that make up our vibration to which the Law of Attraction responds to.

Your thoughts and emotions make up your vibration, which in turn aligns your experiences, and my thoughts and emotions, make up my vibration, which in turn aligns my experiences, and there is no way you can change what You think and feel to change what I experience. This is why you cannot attract a ‘Specific’ person by using the Law of Attraction.

But I grant you this does get a bit confusing, after all, aren’t the people within our experiences specific, and if so, aren’t they sharing in the experience that we have each created?

To understand this a bit better it would help if we defined what experiences are.

Experiences are made up of many things, they could be opportunities, circumstances and events, but more often than not, our experiences are created through the people we meet and the relationships we share. In fact, most of the experiences we have tend to involve people in some way or another, either as people who share an experience with us, or as people who are affected by the experience that we align to.

So are these people who share our experiences ‘Specific’ people?

Yes they are, but they are not people who we have specifically tried to attract by thinking in a certain way, they are people who are aligned to us because our shared reality matches the way we all think and feel.

In other words, they are in our experience because they cooperate with our vibration, and the reality we both share matches the way we both vibrate.

In many of the questions and answers you have read, you have seen a common explanation saying that we cannot attract a specific person by changing the way we think and feel, however, we can attract a specific experience. The confusion comes by believing that the specific experience we desire, can only be experienced by sharing a reality with a certain person.

So, the more wrapped up we are in aligning to a person in order to experience a desire, the less likely we are to manifest it.

This is because, when we put one experience at the condition of another, when we are without the condition that we belief can lead to our desires, we tend to add the thoughts and feelings of being without to our vibration, and consequently align to that without reality.

If we take the scenario that someone has broken up with their partner and they are feeling lost, alone and desperately unhappy. As the cause for these thoughts and emotions appears to be the loss of their partner, the remedy for feeling this way, would naturally seem to be a resumption of that relationship.

So understandably, someone with this experience may focus on being back with this person so that they can stop feeling lost, alone and desperately unhappy, however, if their focus is on being happy when this relationship is back on track, and their emotions are still feelings of loneliness and unhappiness, because the Law of Attraction responds to our vibration, the only resulting experience can be one of being alone and unhappy.

Does this mean that relationships cannot be fixed and romances cannot be resumed by using the Law of Attraction?

Not at all, but the remedy to all bad experiences can only be found by creating perfection with-in, not by chasing people in and out of our realities in order to create perfection with-out.

The remedy for feeling unhappy has to be a change in our thoughts, as a vibration of unhappiness can only create the corresponding unhappy reality.

To attempt to chase away all the people in our experience who make us feel unhappy, and to then surround ourselves with just the people who we believe can make us happy, would be an impossible and exhausting task to undertake, whereas a shift in thought would simply do this for us.

I am not saying that by thinking happy thoughts, all the people we disagreed with would vanish, but a change in your own vibration, away from what was unwanted in the behavior of others, would give them an opportunity to cooperate with a positively vibrating you, and offer you an experience of them that made you much happier.

You have already seen this with the changed attitude of your boss towards you, which could only have come from you holding a specific vibration that allowed him to cooperate with.

In essence the Law of Attraction deals with relationships more than anything else, and when you look at the people who surround you, they are there because of what you have all thought and felt.

If your relationships bring you joy and you love the experiences you share with the people in your reality, all well and good, but if the people you spend your time with offer you ways of being that displease you, look for something else. Look for a part of them that you like and offer only this part your attention, and in time, they shall either cooperate with your thoughts about them, or vibrate right out of your reality altogether, that is Law.

I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


John Peace

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