by Stalini Naufahu

Funny but I know for a fact that the Law of Attraction does work. The first time I tried, it all happened within the same day. The first time was at work. We had many deadlines to meet so I worked the night before and the day’s shift.

Going to use the bathroom I 'Attracted' myself a thought. 'okay, I’m glad today is going to rain heavily and the electricity will go off later on so probably we will get off work early" none of these things I thought were forecasted or told were going to happen but throughout 2 hours it actually started raining, building up harder and harder each time! It was cloudy that day however so I thought it a coincidence (but I guess the fact I believe in coincidences helped).

Okay hours pass (raining heavier than before) work comes to an end and I’m still waiting for that electricity outage, though not disappointed as I wanted to test the LOA and keep positive thoughts. fast forward to my house, me lying down on the sofa I begin to daze off to sleep when suddenly poof! Lights go out. I begin backtracking my thoughts realizing I just got everything I wanted (Heavy Rain + No electricity).

what’s even more amazing is how only my block was affected by this outage, 'Your wish is my command?' yah sure, attract our local electrician, I cant see anything...0_0

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