Amazing Results

by Renier Meyer
(South Africa)

I completed your Unlock The Power of You Introduction Series and had some amazing results! I have worked through the whole introduction and tried all the techniques and I am moving at the speed of light!

My biggest problem was deeply ingrained negatives that I did not know about, using the Sedona method and saying things like: "I am successful" my brain started firing off a hundred excuses and some strange pre programmed nonsense.

I had to catch and analyse each one, think about them and release them.

I managed to release around 40 within a day and with every one burden lightened and the affirmations and visualizations started to stick.

I have done several courses in goal setting, affirmations etc. in MLM leadership trainings, but could never uncover the root of my problems. Your combination of methods got to the root of it in no time, I am eternally grateful.

I cleared some of my major feelings like despair by tapping, after being unable to clear the issue using Sedona's questions. Sedona is normally more powerful.

By smiling it is impossible to hold negative emotions or feelings in your mind, by smiling you show contentment and happiness, even if you force a smile for the first few days and let the feelings and impressions grow on you until you are really happy. Your negative emotions disappear faster and faster. You attract light and vibrate at a higher frequency by being happy and smiling gets you positive and happy very fast.

This really works and can help many people out there.

Keep up the good work

Best regards

Renier Meyer
South Africa

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