Anything and I mean anything is possible.

by Mark

I came across the LOA quite a few years ago and like many I had a go at it, I just thought of it as some kind of gimmick that would be fun to try, of course with this kind of mindset from the off this would never work, I got the jist of it but never really believed so I gave up.

Now move forwards to 2017, suddenly I lost sight in one eye, no warning I just woke up one morning and had lost 80% vision in my left eye, I went to see the specialist who told me there wasn’t much they could do, as I’m still relatively young I could not understand and refused to accept, something drove me on to cure this, I was not prepared to accept what the specialist had said.

One night out walking in the forest around the reservoir, I connected strongly with a force which was saying seek advice from your friends, I got home and contacted all my friends in the medical profession, what came out of that was a recommendation to go and see an eye specialist in Manchester asap, I did just that, within 5 minutes of seeing him, he told me that this could be treated and my vision would improve, I now after 3 months of treatment regained 80% of my normal vison back in my left eye.

You see this is not all about money, fancy cars, gorgeous women and lavish lifestyle, it is a belief and a power way beyond of what you can imagine, you can call it what you want, heavenly father, god, the universe but without belief and connection it won’t happen for you, you must strongly believe.

The second part is equally as astounding as you ask any horse racing expert how difficult it is to break even never mind make a small profit putting a few quid on the horses.

I’ve always loved horse racing, not really betting big, I just love the sport, I have studied it for many years and came to the conclusion that it was impossible to predict on a regular basis the outcome, most sports are hard to predict, horse racing is ten times harder due to the handicap system.

As racing is one of my true passions I asked for wisdom and how could I make extra income for myself, not only this wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could send a sizeable amount of cash away every month to people who really need it, like medicines for Africa or the street kids of South America.

Anyway low and behold I more of less got the voice again saying you already have the knowledge and I must look at certain spreadsheets, sure enough after only a week I had it, it’s perfect, it works everytime and I mean everytime, who can say they win 30 races in a row, it is life changing to say the least.

There is absolutely no point in trying to explain how I do this because it involves complicated mathematics and a deep knowledge of the sport, in fact I’ve given up trying to explain it as it goes right over people’s heads.

So there you have it, this really does work, you have to believe, you have to get rid of all doubt and indeed you must avoid people with doubt, in fact do not even mention it as they will not understand.

Good luck to everyone.

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