Apply The Law of Attraction To Heal A Relationship

by Sophia
(United Kingdom)

I have been in a relationship with this guy for 7 months but it's a long distance relationship. I went back home and meet him for 4 days and we were a perfect couple, and I knew it from the start that I was so in love with him and will never be able to leave him.

But in 2010, April, we broke up for a small misunderstanding and no one's taking any action to get each other back, and also we're in different places.

I really love him and I can forgive him for what he did, no matter what, I want him back into my life but I cant take any action because we have broken up for 2 times before and both of those times, I crawled back to him. But this time, I have to keep my dignity and pride.

In my deepest soul, I really love him, but I also know that he doesn’t want me back and is moving on.

Will you give me an advice on how I can apply the Law of Attraction to heal the relationship and get him back?

I know he's the only one who can give me my true happiness in love.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

In order for you to repair any relationship, it is important that you focus your thoughts on the best of what you feel from someone.

All to often, relationships break down because one or both parties of a relationship focus on the unwanted behaviour they see, rather than the wanted behaviour they see. And as the Law of Attraction aligns you to the things you focus upon, you manifest more unwanted behaviour.

This pattern of thought can also said to be true of many peoples day-to-day experience, that is, that they spend more time aligning to what they don’t want, rather than aligning to what they do want.

For example, you say that you know he's the only one who can give you your true happiness in love, and because this is what you believe, and you feel that this experience is missing, your thoughts and feelings align you to the lack of this experience.

It is the very fact that you believe that he is the only one who can give you your true happiness in love, that you align yourself to the lack of your true happiness and love.

So clearly you have a choice…

You can either swallow your dignity and pride, and take the action you feel you need to take, to get this person back.

But if you were to do this, you have to understand that you cannot manifest in his reality, you cannot make him change the way he feels, or align him to a reality that doesn’t match his vibration.

Or you find your true happiness and love for yourself, and add this focus to your vibration, and simply align to the source of love that comes to you.

You see, the Law of Attraction aligns thought and feeling to experiences, and whatever you predominantly think and feel, is the cause of your reality.

Thought is cause, and the effect is the reality you see.

So what is the effect you want to see?

Well effects are experiences, and experiences are made up of events, circumstances and people.

It is easy to understand that we cannot predict the events and circumstances that define our reality, but you have to accept that neither can you predict the people.

An effect is not an event, not a circumstance, nor is it a person. An effect is an experience, and an experience is made up of a number of specific things happening in your life.

So what experience do you want?

It is my understanding that you desire the experience of being in a truly happy and loving relationship, and if this is the case, you need to define the cause in the way of thoughts, that will produce this effect.

If thoughts are the cause of all experience, it is clear that thoughts of love and happiness shall produce an experience of love and happiness. It is therefore going to be much more productive to attend to your thought, rather than attending to your reality.

By believing that he is the only source of this feeling, you are putting happiness and love out side of you. You are attaching a condition of being with him, and only then being happy and in love, and for as long as you are without him, you are aligning to the ‘withoutness’ of this experience.

But there is only one true love and happiness, and that is a true love and happiness for self. It carries no conditions, and depends on nothing.

It is with a true love and happiness for self that self becomes loving and happy, and as self then carries the thought that creates the cause, it will align to loving and happy effects.

The work and the action lies within, not without, and as soon as you attend to self, self will align to the best of the without experience.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


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Jul 29, 2010
all so clear
by: wantmyhusbandback

Wonderfully well explained

Jul 29, 2010
I want to get back with my ex
by: Sophia

I desire the experience of being in a truly happy and loving relationship but with the one I love, with my ex. In my understanding, you are telling me that there is less likely that I could get back with my ex and it is better to improve my thoughts to have a life full of happiness and love?

Is there anyway that I could improve my thoughts about my ex to have him back.

Thanks for your comment. Cheers!

Jul 30, 2010
improving your thoughts to get your ex back
by: wantmyhusbandback

Sophia, much to my dismay! There is unfortunately no magic wand we can wave to make our exes want to come back. From what I have understood from John's messages and teachings is that the only way you could improve your chances of getting him back is by concentrating and focusing only on all the good qualities of your ex and all the things that attract you to him - this will ensure that you feel good when you are around him but it will not guarantee that he will come back.

I suppose if you look at it logically, if you guys have the chance to spend any time together, then once you have practised this for a bit (concentrate on all the good and pay no attention to things that bother you) the general atmosphere and vibe between you two would naturally start to pick up, he would have no bones to pick with you as there would be nothing to be defensive about or nothing to retaliate to and your good mood and unconditional loving would no doubt be catching.

He will only be able to think good of you as that is all he will see in you. I guess this is the way that this sort of process works - but be warned, as much as you can create a good atmosphere and help make someone else feel good about himself by highlighting all his good qualities and only his good qualities, it does not guarantee that he will automatically want to come back...

I've been applying this approach and find it wonderfully relaxing and refreshing as it helps me to not get bogged down in trivial things that could easily bother me were I not so conscious of my decision to see and respond to only the good - but it has not brought my ex back.

I have come to the realisation that that will never happen until he is at peace with himself first - only then will he be capable of giving himself to me again, and even then, who knows?

Good luck! And remember, the answer is always within - happiness, peace and even love come from within.

Jul 30, 2010
I want to get back with my ex
by: Sophia

WOW ! You have explained well. Thanks. I will try to focus on the good things about him and try to be as much optimistic about this situation as i can be.

Anyway, although there is no communication between us anymore, I would wanna give it a try for better or for worse. Better done than not even try. Thanks again ! You just made my day !

Aug 01, 2010
1 Thing I do not Understand
by: Eager

I do not understand this part where John had said in this article:

"By believing that he is the only source of this feeling, you are putting happiness and love out side of you. You are attaching a condition of being with him, and only then being happy and in love, and for as long as you are without him, you are aligning to the ?withoutness? of this experience."

I thought that by having thoughts and feelings to be with him, you will visualize and sent out frequency of being togetherness.

How come the end of the part John is saying that by having thoughts of being with him is aligning to the 'withoutness'?

Hope anyone can enlighten me.

Thank you in advance.

May 21, 2011
by: Anonymous

By stating that you want him in future you are identifying his absence at present..once u identify lack of what u want u will continue to attract the same...

as the law says like attracts must think about having what you want as already being present...

and also the law says that ur actions should not contradict what you one cannot stay disconnected and expect him to come back in life...powerful action ..visualisation and the thought of feeling good has to be implemented..

imagine him as being with you at present..if you will think of wanting him in future, he will always be in future...

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