Applying The Law of Attraction To Get My Love Back

by Richa

I broke up with my guy around 3 months back!!! Everything was perfect a day before my break up, and he gave silly reasons for breaking up, which I haven’t been able to know by far..!!

We were in a very beautiful relationship, our parents too knew about it!! We were sure that we would definitely be a married couple some day!!

Somehow everything went wrong. He doesn’t talk to me and I have tried talking once, but keeping my self-respect in picture, I haven tried calling him since that day!!

I want him back and I want things between us to be better. I love him a lot and want him, and only him, and a better him..

I tried applying the secret, but I don’t know how to exactly apply it to this situation.

Can you pleas help me get by love back??

Please tell me, by using my thoughts, what can I do or what should I do to get the love of my life back, and what can be done to make things better???

Please help me!

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

To begin with, it must be understood that you cannot manifest a reality for another, the Law of Attraction does not work that way.

The Law of Attraction aligns experiences for us based on our predominant thoughts and feelings, our vibration, and whatever we vibrate through our thoughts and emotions, becomes our reality.

If we vibrate happiness and focus our thoughts on what makes us happy, we experience a reality that makes us feel happy. And if we vibrate loneliness and focus our thoughts on the things that make us alone, we experience a reality that makes us feel alone.

This is a Law for all of us, and it is the way that someone vibrates that creates the experiences they have.

It would be impossible for you to focus your thoughts and feelings in such away that your boyfriend would receive the experiences that you are aligned to. That would defy Law.

He aligns to his reality based on his vibration, and you align to your reality based on your vibration.

I understand that in the past you have both aligned to each other’s reality based on each of your vibrations, so in effect you have both manifested a reality in each other, so why can you not continue to do so?

Our reality is made situations, opportunities, events and people, and each of these things are brought to us depending upon the way we vibrate, therefore our thoughts and feelings do effect other peoples reality, because they exist in ours.

But these people do not randomly exist in our reality, they come into our experience based on what they vibrate, and what we vibrate.

They are cooperative part of our creations, as we are of theirs. Our combined experience together, is a match for what they are aligning to, as it is a match with what we are aligning to.

Our reality is like a cooperative soup of events and people that bring to each person involved, a match to a specific thought and feeling.

Everyone in your reality, the people you like and the people you don’t like, are all there because they are being held there by each other’s vibration.

But as much as we are bringing some people into this cooperative alignment, we are also pushing others away, and as our thoughts and emotions change, so do the people that are match to our thoughts and feelings.

It is this change in thinking and feeling that is the biggest cause of relationship breakdowns, and the unfortunate thing is that most people cause this misalignment without ever knowing what it happening.

The Law of Attraction aligns experiences for us based on our predominant thoughts and feelings, and for as long as our thoughts and feelings towards our partner are happy, joyful and fun, we will normally have a happy, joyful and fun experience together.

This is normal in a new relationship when each person looks for, and feels the happy, joyful and fun things about the other, and if they are a cooperative match to each other’s vibrations, it is easy to manifest the happy, joyful and fun experiences.

But as time goes by, it is not unusual for one or both parties to start to notice the ‘not so pleasing’ behaviour of the other.

How often do you hear married couple complaining about their wife’s nagging or their husband’s laziness?

It is no coincidence that the more we notice, think about and feel this unwanted behaviour, that the more unwanted behaviour we seem to experience, as our vibrationaly matching cooperative partners, help to manifest exactly what we vibrate.

Or, put it this way, they match the vibration of the unwanted behaviour, for as long as they are a cooperative part of this creation, and as soon as they become the uncooperative part, they leave the vibration altogether. They have to, it is Law.

So how does this help you?

I can understand your feelings for the lack of this relationship, but for as long as you think and feel, or vibrate this lack, this is what you shall experience.

This is also true of your want and need, as you can only continue to align to more want and need by not being together.

He is the cooperative part for you to continue to align to your focused thoughts and feelings.

It is your very thoughts and feelings that make it impossible for you to come together, and for as long as you to continue to manifest more lack, want and need, he has to be in a position where you lack, want and need him.

The secret to applying the Law of Attraction, is shifting your thoughts and feelings to match your desires, not the lack of them, and any adjustment to your vibration, will have to be mirrored in the experiences you receive. It is Law.

Focus your thoughts and feelings on what this relationship gave you, not what you are going without, and as you do, the cooperative parts that are needed to manifest this reality, shall be brought to your experience.

Will this bring you back together?

Unfortunately, no one can say…

If he is a cooperative part of what you most desire, then it could happen, after all he has been matching your vibration for a long time now.

But if he is no longer a matching part of your desires, he will have to leave your vibration altogether, so that the perfect alignment can be found.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


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Dec 31, 2011
Focusing on the good
by: JoJo

I am sorry you are having this problem. However, it is helping me because I have the same problem.
I am going to use the advice that was given to you and focus on the good times my boyfriend and I have shared, and I am believing this will realign my boyfriend and I back togather. Therefore, I am believing, with you, that you and your boyfriend will get back together when you follow this advice. I am believing it will work for both of us.

Feb 14, 2012
i still love my ex 3 months on, how do i attract him back using
by: Ireland18

Me and my boyfriend of nearly two years broke up a few months ago. We were fighting for days about silly, silly stuff, eventually he cracked and ended things between us. I was devastated I couldn’t eat, sleep or function throughout my day. He left the situation and I tried to get him back so many ways but he said he didn’t want a relationship.

I decided to just leave things and move on, but I haven’t moved on. He always said throughout our relationship that I was the only one for him and if we broke up I wouldn’t see him with another person, and that he would never give up on me.

What do I do?? I have all these things in my head that he used to say to me but then he totally contradicts what he said by his current actions.

I did treat him badly, I would always have an attitude towards him but only in the last few months and I would say horrible things so I know it was all my fault and he couldn’t take it.

I want him back, I still love him and think about him every day.

Thanks for your time

Mar 05, 2012
sorry for your problem
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem, maybe worse. Just try to focus On good times you had before and imagine what you are gonna do together when he comes back, Only think of him and nobody else, imagine the moment he comes back to you and says sorry if he treated you bad or whatever, believe that he will come back and be ready for that moment every second. Im doing this and I believe i will get my fiance back in a month or two. God bless you dear

Apr 17, 2012
I am goiong through the same issue
by: Michael

I have been with my wife for 33 years. There have been happy times, but lots of fighting. As we grew older, we both got less and less out of the relationship, but we are both married forever types so we stay together.

Lately I have been learning LOA and realized that I don't need to settle for less than what I want in life. I want an amazing marriage, but my wife is not working at it. I now realize that as I change my vibration there is a chance that it may push her away, that it may draw her closer, or that it may draw a better life partner to me. I will continue to focus on all that I love about her and hope that that part of her grows/returns.

However, I can't make her change; the best I can do is use my vibration to influence her. I have to trust that Law will do what is best for me.

Apr 30, 2015
not wid me
by: Anonymous

It has bin 5 mnths , I think positively like krazy so sad he has not come bek 2 me

Jul 11, 2015
please help
by: sayani

hi,,,this is sayani,,, i love a boy and he is souvik,,,,, i have gone through worst experiences in love eariler,,nd i was lost when i finally found this boy,,,,he is perfect ,,,nd our relation is going good,,,but i feel insecure as scars of past relations haunt e,,,, i want this relation badly,,, nd i tuly love souvik,,, but things r nt going good now,,,please help!!!!!

Sep 18, 2015
can i get back my bf who is dating another girl
by: Sangeeta

I had a relationship with my bf for 3 years .He broke up with me recently and now he is dating another girl . Earlier we were madly love with each other .Due to some silly fights he left me . But i love him so much its hurts me alot i can't imagine him with other girl . Is there any possibilities of getting to get my love back using LOA

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