Applying The Law of Attraction
Getting This Law To Work

Are you applying the Law of Attraction and getting the things you want? Have no doubt that the Law of Attraction already has an influence on your life, the question is, is that influence positive or negative?

You are today the result of your past thoughts, and you shall become tomoprow, the reflection of what you are thinking today.

The Law of Attraction is bringing to You, not the things You would like, or the things You wish for, or even the things that someone else has, but it brings to You...

"Your Own".

The Law of Attraction brings the things, which You have created by Your thought processes, whether Consciously or Unconsciously.

The Law-of-Attraction-Guide's training program Unlock The Power of You teaches you how to apply your thought, how to master your concentration and how to use the Law of Attraction to bring to You, Your Dreams and Desires.

I have no doubt that The Law of Attraction brought you to this page, but I am also aware that this Law is... Waiting on You...

This is the way this Law works, it puts you in line with the things you desire, so that you can Grasp these things as they come along for you.

The question is... Do You Trust it?

OK, so this isn't the first time you've seen a Law of Attraction Training Program, so what makes Unlock The Power of You different?

Well, quite simply, it works!

Can You Master The Law of Attraction?

As Henry Ford put it....

"Whether You Think You Can or Can't
Either Way You Are Right"

How Do You Apply The Law of Attraction?

At least ninety per cent of our mental life is subconscious, so if You fail to make use of this mental power, you will live within very narrow limits.

Your subconscious can and will solve any problem for you, if you know how to direct it, and the subconscious processes are always at work.

The question is, will you have a vision of the destination to be reached and the dangers to be avoided, or will you simply drift?

Attention or concentration is probably the most-important essential in the development of mind, thought and Applying the Law of Attraction.

The possibilities of concentration, when directed properly, seem unbelievable, to those not possessing these skills.

And the development of this power is what sets every successful man or woman, apart.

To try to demonstrate this power, think of a magnifying glass on a hot sunny day, if the glass is moved about, there is no apparent effect, but hold the glass perfectly still and focus the rays of sun on one spot and you will notice the effect immediately.

This is the same for the power of thought, scatter your thoughts from one subject to another, and no result is noticed, but focus your thought on any single purpose for any length of time and all thing become possible.

This may sound simplistic, a simple solution to a complex situation.

Possibly, but just give it a go; it's not as easy as it sounds!

Choose any single object and concentrate your attention on it for just ten minutes. You cannot do it!

Your mind will wander off a dozen or so times and you will have to bring it back to the original purpose, and each time the effect will have been lost and at the end of the ten minutes nothing will have been gained, because you have not been able to hold your thought steadily.

It is, however, through instruction and practise that you will finally be able to overcome obstacles and be able to control your mental moods, your attitude, your consciousness and acquire this wonderful power.

It is then that you will start applying The Law of Attraction for a definite purpose, it is then that you will have Unlocked The Power of You.

The Law of Attraction is bringing to You, not the things You would like, or the things You wish for, or even the things that someone else has, but it brings to You... "Your Own".

How Does This Training Work?

You will gain the knowledge from the most acclaimed books ever written on the subject of Understanding and Applying the Law of Attraction. Authors like Trine, Troward, Wattles and Allen.

Courses from Haanel, Holmes and Hill.

We will combine the most powerful lessons, from the most powerful minds, to give you the key in Applying the Law of Attraction and Unlocking the Power of You

We will teach You to Master the Law of Attraction, with Daily and weekly instructional and exercise pages.

To support this training you will use Books, Software, Audio and Video.

You will learn....

  • How You can make life yield its fullest and best

  • How You can know the true secret of power

  • How You can attain to a true and lasting greatness

  • How You can fill the whole of life

You will discover exactly how you and your thoughts and perceptions shape the world around you and how you can use your mental faculties to control what happens in your life.

You will find out how you may become more capable in your chosen field of work.

You will experience the finest studies in self-improvement, and higher consciousness ever written. Covering everything from how to get Wealthy to how to get Healthy.

Using Audio, Video and the Internet we deliver The finest collection of Self Improvement Material Created

But Unlock The Power of You is so much more than unlocking the Secrets of these Self Improvement Classics.

You will see how modern Quantum Physics is leading Science to the same conclusions.

You will use Instructional Video, Visualization Video and Audio Classes to bring these tried and tested methods into the 21st Century.

Applying the Law of Attraction, Unlock The Power of You, Develops Mental Power.

Others instinctively recognize that you are a person of Force and Character

You will attract people and things to You.

You will become what some people call "lucky", that "things" come your way, that You have come into an understanding of the fundamental laws of Nature, and have put Yourself in harmony with them.

You become In Tune With The Infinite; You understand the Law of Attraction, the Natural laws of growth, and the Psychological laws on which all advantages in the social and business world rest.

Best of All...
Unlock The Power of You Guarantees Your Success

When you start this training program you will have an unprecedented 100% Success or Money Back Guarantee

When you have completed the course if you have NOT.....

....gained control of Your thoughts and Your subjective mind.

....become focused, productive and empowered.

....received more power, success, freedom and love.

....had thoughts of courage, power, inspiration, and harmony.

....been filled with joy, confidence, hope, and energy.

....seen opportunities for success to which You were once blind.

....recognized possibilities that before had no meaning to You.

....attracted successful associates and changed Your environment.

....mastered The Law of Attraction.

Then Your Payment will refunded! No Questions Asked!!

It's finally time to start Applying The Law of Attraction and Unlock The Power of You!

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