Appreciate Your Family

Thank you so very much. You have been kind. Here is my story and hope it cheers up others and helps many to feel good through learning about another person's experience.

Through attracting and focusing on love and a wonderful ingathering of people we managed to have a family reunion in my home town. To see the reward of this manifestation being gifted from god it is an incredible experience and a real loving energy.

With prayer visualization, feeling love and peace in my heart this manifested and was the most unique experience in my life.

Anything is possible when we truthfully connect with our loving hearts. To a world of true peace and family love.

My advice to all of us together please connect with your family. Stop anyone who tries to convince you otherwise.

Family is the most important structure and do your best to preserve it even though the media leaders, society opinions and soothe slayers convince you otherwise. Cherish your parents and your family unit. It is the most precious gift you can create with god's love and your effort.

God bless all of us here and the entire creation!

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