Are requests really premonitions?

by Hazel B
(Eastbourne, East Sussex)

A few months ago I decided it was time to get back in circulation and buy a car. I'd sold mine the year before as I couldn't then drive due to back and wrist injuries.

I decided to attract a car that was from a nearby garage, nearly new, a definite colour - not black, white or silver, and priced in the £8000's - not as much as £9000.

I did a lot of research, which really was a delaying strategy to put off dealing with car salesmen. I booked a test drive in a blue Citroen but found it to be sluggish with lumpy gears. On returning it the salesman passed me the keys for the latest model, top of the range, red C1 Citroen.

I felt uncomfortable about this as I knew it cost £11,000+ and offered more than I needed and felt that I had wandered into salesman tactics territory.

From the moment I drove off it felt right. The week before I had been noticing red cars and had spontaneous images of myself driving a red car. But as red cars in my price range were Hyundai and the garage wasn't in a convenient place and I didn't have a particular preference for red, I had discounted these images.

But then I found myself driving a red car.

I returned the car, ready to walk away, when the salesman offered a deal on the car I had just driven.

It was classed as 1 year old although it was only 6 months and as having a previous owner - which was the garage - and had less than 1000 miles on the clock.

I felt as if I was in a dream while the salesman looked into the price and was amazed when he announced £8,800. This is my car.

I had lost confidence through being injured and would have been grateful to feel that I was getting back to my normal self. But it's as if life was seeing the expanded version of me and drawing me into it.

I think that this applies generally. I find that if it feels as if things are not going well, it's the sign to let go of my limited ideas of life and allow myself to be drawn into an expanded expression of myself although at the time I don't know what this is or how it will come about.

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Jan 15, 2016
Love it....
by: John Peace

Love this story Hazel, and I quite agree. When you are tuned in, the Law of Attraction works effortlessly, almost like seeing your life unfold through imagination to reality.

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