Ask And It Is Given....Learning to Manifest Your Desires by Esther and Jerry Hicks

by Joanna

I love Esther and Jerry Hicks' books on The Teachings of Abraham. I only have 3 of their books, and I have read each of them at least 3-4 times.

The main purpose of the book is to let you know that it is your (our) birthright to live a life filled with everything that is good!

The book helps you understand how everything is influenced by Universal Law...relationships, health issues, finances, health issues or concerns, and more. It is a reminder that we are creators of our own universe and we have to choose which thoughts we want to have to manifest whatever desires we want.

This book teaches us that we need to be deliberate creators of our own life. Usually we have our thoughts on autopilot, out of habit, and don't consciously think about changing them.

The book teaches that we are physical extensions of Source Energy which is eternal, and flows to us, through us, and IS us, and which we can not be separate from this energy source. We can pinch ourselves off pretty good, but never lose it.

There are 22 processes, or exercises, to help you become a deliberate creator of your life.

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