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I met my partner Ten months ago, and we fell in love. We were almost inseparable and after 3 months moved in together. About 3 months ago we exchanged partnership rings and we were enjoying our new home, when he started acting out of character.

When I confronted him, he admitted, "the spark had gone". I panicked and told him I couldn't be with a man that wasn't in love with me, and I was leaving.

The next day he asked me to stay, as he hadn't realised how much he loved me. This went on for about 2 months and yet, when I asked him if his spark had come back, he said it was beginning too.

I know that due to fear I focused on his "not being in love with me anymore" and so amplified this.

Things got to such a point that I told him I was moving out, after he told me he needed space, and that he was going to check out an overseas location, and if he didn't like it, he may come back to me.

I felt completely used and 2nd choice.

Since then I have moved out and he left today for his "vacation".

When I moved out though we were both crying and I kept on thinking why doesn't he just say he wants us to be together.

I feel he needs time to sort things out and I am still in a state of shock. How he changed from being in love with me one day, and the next having lost his spark.

A part of me still expects him to contact me and tell me he loves me, although he says that I have helped him to heal and make him stronger.

How can I use the law of attraction to set the stage that if we are meant to be together again, it will happen?

Thanks for your advice.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

You attract to you life what your predominate vibration or emotion is, or, the experiences that you tend to have, tend to be a match for the feelings, that you tend to have.

So when there was a spark in your relationship, you must have had a similar vibration.

It was this vibration that brought you together, that made you inseparable and caused a spark between you.

So where did this spark go?

Putting it simply, someone’s vibration must have changed.

You pointed out a change that you had, “fear I focused on his not being in love with me anymore,” which is a vast step away from the vibration you must have had when you got together.

So is this the change in vibration that caused you to realign elsewhere?

Possibly, but what does it matter? It’s passed, it’s happened, it’s an experience you have had which you can never change, one that you are grateful for, and now you must start to look forward.

When you learn to use the Law of Attraction, you come to understand that you need to let go. Letting go, is passing the trust of what will happen to a force outside our judgement.

All to often people use visualizations and affirmations to get the things they want, but they fall short, because they restrict themselves to the tools they use.

It is by letting go that we learn to open our minds to the possibilities of reaching our goals, quite often through means that aren’t always obvious.

So how can you use the Law of Attraction to set the stage that if you are meant to be together again, it will happen?

I don’t know that you can.

Yes you can find this sort of relationship again, but you have to be open to where it comes from. It maybe that with a change in your vibration that you could end up together, but in just the same way it could be impossible.

The important thing to focus on is what you want. That is a happy, joyful, loving, exciting, caring and harmonious relationship where fear of loss is always overtaken by the assurance of love.

Learn to live in the spirit of having this now, have faith that it will be your experience, and stop looking for the source, I assure you, it will find you before you can find it.


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