Attracting A Dream Girl Through The Law of Attraction

by Mark

I am a guy, and I use the Law of Attraction to attract the girl of my dreams. When I visualize "her", I visualize the happy moments we have together, although when I think of "her", in my mind I give her no qualities, and no specific person. So the Universe gives me something I did not expect, something even better than I expected.

Now, the Law of Attraction is really working for me, and girls are walking into my life. It even looks like a miracle at some points of view.

So, my question is that, how do I know that a certain girl is the one the Universe sent me? I mean, anyone won't come to you and say "The Universe has sent me to you." Haha, quite funny isn't it?

Will I know it when I "feel" it?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

Great that the Law of Attraction is working so well for you, and you are getting what you are asking for.

So how will you know which one is the one?

Well they all are.....

You see you are getting exactly what you are focusing on.

Happy moments with the girl of your dreams, not a specific girl, not a girl of specific qualities, and not a girl of a specific dream.

I suppose that this is a case of, “be careful what you wish for.”

And as you have having so much success, if you wish for something else, focus on it.

Do you dream of a sole mate?

Do you dream of marriage?

Do you dream of a life companion?

Do you dream of love?

Do you dream of a girl with a certain look?

Do you dream of a girl of certain qualities?

Whatever you dream of, focus on it, and just as sure as you have been getting what you focus on up to now, you will get exactly what you dream of, in the future.


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Oct 04, 2012
Confused about what to visualize
by: Anonymous

I used law of attraction and visualized about being with a girl (no one in particular) and I got positive response from two girls. I started going out with one girl and stopped visualizing, then slowly she stopped going out with me and communicating with me. Now things are just as they were before I used law of attraction.
I am confused about what to do after attracting someone, should I keep visualizing as before or should I visualize about the particular person I attracted.
Mark Robinson

Nov 07, 2012
Need some advice
by: Anonymous

I was thinking about this girl for a while after seeing her one-day at a local library. We talked as if we've known each other for years and were the best of friends. I have seen this girl a couple of years back when I was in high school, but didn't think too much of her back then.

When I talked to her for the very first time, she gave the biggest smile of all time as if me talking to her on that quiet, dark, and rainy morning was exactly what she needed. We exchanged looks after the very short conversation, and I went home shortly after. I thought of her for quite a while that whole weekend hoping I would see her again some day, but didn't anytime soon. It was as if she disappeared off the face of the earth.

For some reason, even though I focused on the girl I talked to at the library pretty much most of that weekend I kept seeing another girl everyday. This girl, whom I started seeing instead of the library girl, was an old person that I knew, which I liked but didn't think much of at the time. I thought because I would keep seeing her all the time after not seeing her for over a year meant that the girl I met at the library wasn't the one I should've been going for, I instead thought the universe wanted me to get the girl I started seeing again after a year.

Long story short, I eventually talked to this old friend, but we didn't seem to like each other much at all. We didn't vibe, and I kind of started to think this woman was kind of slow from the way she was talking to me. Well, we ended up having absolutely no communication after that, and I have still to this day only seen the library girl once, which, then, I officially found out I didn't like anymore.

Now, a couple of months after this incident, I decided today to look up how to create the woman of your dreams and stumbled upon this site. I would just like to have some sort of response or suggestion as to what happened, and how come it didn't go the way I planned. I'm trying to dream of a girl now (which by the way I wasn't really dreaming of any woman in particular, before I met the pretty lady at the library) and would love some sort of feedback on what went wrong, and how to actually meet the woman of my dreams that I now have completely created 100% in my head. (She has been in my head for a couple months, but I have yet to meet her.)


Feb 12, 2017
by: Anonymous

Sir need your help a girl was friend of mine but when I proposed her she left out from my life need your help to win her heart again

Feb 14, 2017
How do o get that girl that I visualize everyday NEW
by: Anonymous


I always visualize this girl that I want with a certain look and everything I want in a girl, but for years I have been visualizing this one girl in perticular, idk where it came from but I just started taking interest in her and I really want to meet her, I always think about the happy times we have and us just vibing together. I have turned down a lot of girls because I just know I am going to meet her one day. I also lost hope though and I just said forget it and I asked God if I am not going to get her I don't want to think about her but i keep thinking about her which I feel is a sign and it's everyday. She even showed in one of my dreams but I don't remember what happened How do I get the girl that I visualize everyday, the girl that I have visualized for years? I really want her.

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