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Attracting Abundance Through A Challenging Time Continued

My second suggestion as you move into the next part of this training, the QuickStart program, would be to take your time identifying your fears and worries, and to use the EFT exercises provided to remove these blocks completely.

I know that the EFT technique can seem a little strange, but they are very effective.

Take your time with these EFT exercises, especially if you have identified a lot of Law of Attraction blocks and Limiting Beliefs. Possible do them over a few weeks to really get to the root of a problem.

You can also use EFT when you are feeling low and grumpy, or when you get that sinking feeling when you see your bank balance.

I do appreciate that EFT does have its drawbacks, after all, you would feel a bit strange tapping and affirming in front of your work colleagues. So for situation like this, fall back to your Gratitude Affirmation and Creative Visualizations as you have been doing in the Unlock The Power WorkBook.

Moving on to the crux of your question, your now financial circumstances, and your future prospects in New York, it would be helpful if we step back and go through the whole process of thought and creation.

Thought creates our reality, and what it is that we experience is a direct result of what it is we have thought.

But most people do not use their thoughts this way, most people’s thinking process works like this…, “the reality I experience directly effects the thoughts that I have.”

In other words, most people experience a reality, which causes them to think in a particular way. This goes completely against the thought creation process, as they experience, they think about the experience, and then recreate what it is they have experienced.

All very well if what you are experiencing is desirable, not so great if what you are experiencing is completely unwanted.

In fact most of us, even from an early age, put a lot of thought into what it is that we are experiencing, and usually we would blend this thought with feelings and emotions, anticipation and resignation, all very powerful forms of vibration that all go towards recreating that experience.

What the Unlock The Power WorkBook teaches you to do, is to choose the thoughts that you think, as thoughts that compliment your desires, rather than continuing with a way of thinking that leads you away from the reality you most wish to experience.

But this no easy task, and to stop our automatic and reactive thoughts and feelings in response to our experience, often remains a difficult thing to do.

Understanding that you have probably programmed your responses over many years, it is not surprising that your initial thoughts about your financial circumstances cause you some form of anxiety.

Equally, now that you are aware that your anxious thoughts will lead you to an anxious reality, it is not surprising that you attempt to adopt an attitude of, “it’ll be all right,” and to support this attitude, treat yourself by buying some luxurious item.

You are feeling anxious when you see your bank balance, you are recognising that this feeling works against the manifestation of your desires, so you are taking steps to keep these feelings in check by spending money.

All well and good, but is spending this money really keeping these thoughts in check?

It maybe in the short term, but in the long term I would guess that doing this, simply compounds the anxious feelings that you have been having, and making you feel even worse.

What if you did not spend that money and in a month’s time had an extra $200 or $300, would you feel better about your trip?

Perhaps, instead of spending this money when you are feeling negative about your finances, simply choose what you would have bought, and from a position of empowerment, affirm a positive statement back to yourself. Something like this, “Even though I would like this item and can well afford it, I am choosing to put this money to one side so that my move to New York is assured.”

By doing this, you still go through the process of buying something in your mind, yet you empower that you trip to New York is happening.

Moving on to the next part of your question about your job prospects in New York, to be honest, I wouldn’t worry to much. After all, it seems that very positive things are happening to you as far as work is concerned.

Just look at what has happened. You resigned a position, and just that next day you were offered your ‘dream job’ with a company that is moving to New York! Do you call this a simple coincidence?

Getting back to the Unlock The Power WorkBook, maybe it would be a good idea to build a Gratitude Affirmation about this, followed by the intension of having the ‘perfect job’ in New York. And then, whenever you worried about lack of money or job security, you would have the perfect affirmation to replace these thoughts already prepared.

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