Attracting Abundance Through A Challenging Time

I’ve been following your 30 day LOA course and I have attracted some absolutely amazing changes into my life. If I think back a year ago, I believe I’m now living the absolute dream life I had imagined back then. The only problem I’m having, and it’s been in the back of my mind for a few months now, is the fact that my partner and I are about to move overseas indefinitely and I’m worried about our current financial situation.

We move from New Zealand to New York in 14 weeks-time on one year graduate visas and then we intend to spend another year or so traveling through South America, Europe and Asia.

I’m very conscious of the vibrations I am sending out to the universe and I am extremely positive around 80% of the time, but then suddenly panic kicks in when I see that I have only $100 in my bank account and only a few months left until I leave.

I seem to be going around in a bit of an abundance circle. What happens is I’ll see that I only have $100 or so in my account and instead of worrying about it, I’ll go buy something luxurious for myself or someone else to give out a strong vibration of loving and appreciating money. This normally seems to work in terms of attracting more money or nice things into my life, but then I always end up spending the money again on more nice things and then I’m back to only $100 saved for my trip.

This wouldn’t be so bad if I had a steady job, but my current employment status is uncertain and I have a lot of worry going on in the back of my mind.

One month ago I left a job that I was very unhappy in. I loved the work I was doing but I just couldn’t make things work with my boss. I tried meditating on my lunch breaks, I tried focusing each day on the things I liked about him, I took amazing pride in my work, but in the end I couldn’t stand working with him any longer after he sexually harassed one of my best friends while on a photo shoot I was running.

So I then decided that despite the fact that I only had five months before my trip, no job lined up, and not a cent in the bank, that I would resign and attract my dream job into my life. I had actually been applying for jobs with no luck for about four months before I quit but then interestingly, the day after I finished (my first day being unemployed), I got an 8am phone call from one of the very first jobs I had applied for four months earlier. That same day they signed me up on a two month contract in what I consider to be my absolute dream job. I absolutely love this job! I can’t stop smiling from the moment I see the building down the street till the moment I leave every night!

I have seriously been working towards attaining this job through my work experience and postgraduate studies for the last two years. Even more interesting is the fact that they employed me to cover contracts because they were moving their main operations to New York and had to lay off their New Zealand staff who couldn’t get visas!


Leaving my last job and walking straight into this opportunity is but one of the many examples of how I’ve effectively attracted things into my life, but at the same time, I fear that my worries and fears can manifest equally as easily.

As I mentioned, I started this job one month ago and I have one month left in my contract. I’ve had several conversations with the manager who hired me about the potential to move with the company to New York (given that I already have a US visas) and he’s been very enthusiastic. In fact they actually need a new New York based person in 12 weeks-time. The problem is that he can only make recommendations to the big bosses in New York and in fact he can’t even guarantee any work after my two month contract finishes. He’s said that he’ll try really hard but they mentioned they wanted someone with US experience.

There is so much positivity tied up in this scenario so it is very easy for me to spend days in bliss fantasizing about my dream life in New York, but at the same time, I panic a little whenever I hear a conversation about the amount of work they have coming in or any minor changes to the work schedule. There is a general feeling of uncertainty in the office because everyone has been laid off so this can sometimes add to my worries.

This whole uncertainty sometimes makes me feel like I’m a bit bipolar (not really, just in an over dramatic way) and I’m starting to feel like I’m becoming
easily annoyed and on edge. One minute I’m in absolute bliss thinking of all my dreams coming true, the next my gut starts to sink because I only have $100 saved and I could potentially be out of work in a months-time. If I save all the money I make on this two month contract and don’t buy any luxuries up until I leave, I should have the bare minimum I need to move to New York but I will need to cut back on our two week tour through Tahiti and the West Coast. But this isn’t what I am trying to attract!

What I’m trying to attract is abundance now, abundance when I travel through Tahiti and the West Coast, abundance when I arrive in New York, and abundance for the rest of my life. I must stress that I really am putting a whole heap of effort into making this work. I’ve just spent about 30 hours making myself the most amazing mind movie (after starting stage two of your course), I spend all day focusing on everything that is amazing in my life, I try my hardest not to let anything that doesn’t affect my life today worry me, but then every now and then I get these sudden panic attacks. I start to think that maybe I’m in some dream world and that I should ‘get real’ and stop spending money on luxuries when I’m leaving in just over three months and I only have one month left of work.

These two mind-sets are totally in contrast to each other and it’s really starting to drain me having to constantly stop myself from worrying. Last night I had a really bad dream that I was vibrating the things I wanted so hard that I caused an earthquake and then suddenly I started vibrating worries.

So Is there such a thing as over-vibrating?

As a side note, my partner is currently unemployed and also has only $100 saved. I’m honestly not too concerned about this because I know worrying about his problems isn’t going to help either of us, but it is in the back of my mind and the worry could start to creep up if I don’t get myself sorted out.

What I’m trying to do is focus on the best with or without the job, but it’s really hard when the practicalities tell me that if I don’t get this job, my plans may all go out the window and I could end up homeless and broke in New York :(

Can you please give me some advice how to best navigate this stressful time and keep up the faith despite the amount of contrast that is going on?

Should I just acknowledge that I’m going through a hard time right now or just carry on smiling?

As I mentioned, I feel like I’m doing all the right things about 80% of the time but logic kicks in sometimes and I can’t help but sometimes feel upset about it all. Quite frankly, I’m starting to get a little worn out and sometimes grumpy, but I’m still extremely optimistic in my ability to pull this off, I just need a little guidance.

As an additional note, I have just reached the part in stage two of your course where I acknowledge my fears so it is great to get this off my chest!


Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

The purpose of the Unlock The Power WorkBook that you have been following, is to show you how to control your thoughts and emotions, and raise your vibration from one that matches an unwanted reality, to one that matches a wanted reality.

The techniques I explain involve thought replacement rather that thought control, and the method works on the premise that good and bad thoughts, or positive and negative thoughts, cannot exist together at the same time.

I can demonstrate this quite effectively by asking you to think of a color. If I asked you to think about the color red, you could do this quite simply, but if I then asked you to stop thinking about the color red, what would be in your mind, would be the color red. But if I then told you to think about the color blue, you would instantly think blue instead of red.

I know that this is a simple analogy, but it does demonstrate quite well that you can’t really stop thinking about something by simply trying to stop thinking about it. But you can stop thinking about something when you think about something else instead.

This is why the exercises in the book get you to develop specific Gratitude Affirmations that cover different aspects of your current experiences.

My first suggestion then, would be to continue to monitor your day-to-day thoughts, just as you have been doing throughout the 30-Day WorkBook, and as soon as a thought or emotion enters your mind, which goes against the thoughts of your desires, continue to use your Gratitude Affirmations to ‘get something for’ that thought.

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