Attracting An Abundant Income

by Kelli

How Do I Attract Money with my business? I am completely broke. I am an insurance agent and also market merchant financing programs as well as prepaid legal services.

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The Law of Attraction will always bring to you a reality, which matches the way you predominately think and feel.

These thoughts and these feelings is what we refer to, as your vibration, and everything you experience in your reality, will be a match to your vibration.

In other words, if you think and feel completely broke, then you will have plenty of evidence to support it.

This is what I call default attraction, and it is the way most people create a ‘more of the same’ reality. They experience something unwanted, they offer this unwanted experience thought and feeling, they make this unwanted experience a part of their vibration, and the Law of Attraction lines them up with more of the same.

So to change this experience, you must become a deliberate creator instead of a default creator, and to do this, you must change your thoughts, change your feelings, and change your vibration, so that the Law of Attraction will align you with a new, more wanted reality.

The usual way that you would be told to do this is through visualization, and the way to visualize is to spend 15 to 20 minutes imagining your desired reality. However, there is a big misunderstanding of the purpose and power of visualization.

Visualization is not a method of asking for the things you desire, it is a method of aligning yourself vibrationaly, to the things you have already asked for.

What I mean is that the asking has already been done. You have experienced an unwanted reality, and through your dislike of this reality, you have already asked for the improvement, and as soon as your predominant thoughts and feelings match this request, you shall experience these new and improved circumstances.

This power of visualization is not in the power or clarity of the image of your desires, it is in the feeling and emotions that you attach to this image. Also, visualization would be next to useless if you attached the best feeling and emotions to the image of your desires, and then, at the end of the exercise, went back to the thoughts and feeling of being absolutely broke.

The power comes from attaching the feeling and emotions to the image of your desires, and then identifying and reaching for these emotions, all day, every day, until they become your dominant thoughts and feelings.

Many people may say that this is almost like defying your reality, not facing up to what you can see with your own eyes, and I would agree, but just remember, seeing is not believing, it is believing that will give you the ability and power to see anything you desire.

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