Attracting Girls

by MM

I really never had kissed a girl until I was 18. I put so much pressure on myself, that It could not happen, because of the Law of Attraction, (Back then I did not know about LOA, but I used to read Buddhist books). So once there was a summer festival in my little hometown. I made so much pressure on myself again, but I did not dare to speak to a girl, if I would, it never would have worked out, because of my Insecurities.

The suffering was so unbearable, that suddenly I changed my mind and said to myself: "Ok, I see I cannot force anything, I still love you. And if you stay without a girl for the rest of your life, that’s fine, I LOVE YOU."

I felt so unbelievably relieved, that I almost got tears in my eyes. 2 minutes after that, someone tapped at my shoulder (I was walking then with a friend through the festival), I turned around and saw a girl, which I only knew by seeing. She was good-looking and she was with a friend. She asked me if I would mind if she would kiss me. I was startled, my Insecurities kicked in and I said no. My friend told me after that that I’m stupid. Really I was. So later I was looking for the girl, found her and we kissed on the lips...

My relief was so huge! I felt confident, sexy, and really desirable! Man amazingly 2 other girls that I did not know at all started conversations with me and one could see that they were attracted by me (literally!)

Really the universe provides you with everything if you just GET OUT THE WAY!

So this taught me. All my insecure thoughts about myself are Irrelevant. The ONLY thing that matters Is what you vibrate :)

A question that I ask myself is;
Does the continuous vibration of love, appreciation sexiness etc. affect our bodies? Of course! It has to! How do Brad Pitt, George Clooney or Scarlett Johanson feel about themselves? Not hard to guess.

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