Attracting Prosperity And Working Overtime

by Larry
(Philadelphia, Pa USA)

I need money. I live paycheck to paycheck with no savings. The bank almost foreclosed on my house. I look at prosperity videos, say my daily affirmations and listen to subliminal recordings. I need a life changing income or a big sweepstakes cash prize.

I work 40 hours a week at a job I am not too crazy about. They offer me overtime, but I don't work it. I know working 50 or 60 hours a week isn't going to change anything. It will not bring income that will change my situation for the better. I need a landslide of cash.

By not working overtime, am I saying no to prosperity? Do I have to work overtime to cause a big turn-around in my financial situation?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

The Law of Attraction responds to your feelings, not to the prosperity videos you watch, not to your daily affirmations, and not to your subliminal recordings.

When you think about you circumstances, you feel about your circumstances, and depending on what you feel you align to events and situations that will cause you to feel more of these feelings.

And feelings and emotions are one of the easiest parts of our make-up that others see.

If you read your question you will understand that the biggest emotion that you promote is the emotion of lack.

If I breakdown your question I can outline the overriding emotions that the Law of Attraction is responding to.

“I need”, the emotion of need is an emotion of lack, and to need a thing you would have to go without it, therefore if you feel need for something, you must align to a future experience that lacks what you need in order for you to feel more need.

“I need money”, will align you to a future experience that lacks money in order for you to feel more need for money.

“I need a life changing income or a big sweepstakes cash prize”, will align you to a future experience that lacks a life changing income or cash prize in order for you to feel more need for life changing money.

“I need a landslide of cash”, will align you to a future experience that lacks cash in order for you to feel more need for a landslide of cash.

I can appreciate that you have probably been told that visualizations, affirmations and subliminal messages may help you to attract the money you desire, but unfortunately, when you need money and you use these tools to try and attract it, when it fails to materialize, all you end up feeling is more need and desperation.

This is a vicious circle of default attraction that many people end up in. And one of the greatest messages about the Law of Attraction that never seems to get through, is that the creative power that you have lies with how you feel.

I can understand that you believe that life changing money will change your life, but I truly believe that a change in thought will produce the change you desire to see.

You say that you live paycheck to paycheck and that the bank almost foreclosed on your house, and I can believe that the anxiety that this situation causes can leave you feeling powerless and helpless, but can you imagine how you would feel if that had actually happened. Surprisingly, you would probably feel relief because finally the fear of loss would actually not feel that bad, and at rock bottom you will realize that you can start to rebuild your life.

Now I am not suggesting that you need to hit rock bottom to move forward, but you can respond to your situation in a positive way and start to rebuild everything you feel you are missing.

Standing back and looking at what you don’t have will never help to align you better things, but looking and feeling good for the things that you have that please you will offer a shift in thought that can eventually drive away what is unwanted and undesirable.

Shifting your attention to the good feeling things you have will have the effect of raising your vibration which is such an important part of the Law of Attraction?

Because your vibration, is your predominant thought and feeling, and as the Law says… “you experience, what you think about, most of the time.”

A vibration of Fear, produces a reality of Concern.

A vibration of Doubt, produces a reality of Hesitation.

A vibration of Worry, produces a reality of Uneasiness.

A vibration of Uncertainty, produces a reality of Insecurity.

Unless you clean up your thoughts, no visualizations or affirmations will ever work, in fact, these techniques have probably been working against you.

This is why I wrote my 30-Day Unlock The Power WorkBook, as it is specifically written for people who have a completely unwanted reality and have difficulty in changing their attention from the unwanted experiences to the wanted experiences, and it helps people to focus on what feels good and use these good things to readjust their thoughts of what they believe they desperately want and need.

The trick is, not to attract huge finances in order to feel better, but feel better so that the things like huge finances can be aligned to you.

As a process it would be a good idea to sit down and list all the things that you have now that you feel good about. Once you have your list, spend some time each morning and each evening focusing on those good things until you know them without reading your list.

At this stage, when you have a thought that contradicts these good things, focus on your list.

For example, you may have on your list the fact that you have a job that keeps a regular paycheck coming, and that your employers are regularly offering you more money. But you may have a thought about the bank putting pressure on you, causing you to fear and worry about money.

Of course you realize that thoughts of fear and worry about money will align you to a reality of concern and uneasiness about your finances, so if instead of fearing and worrying you switched your thoughts to your job that keeps a regular paycheck coming, and your employers that are regularly offering you more money, you will shift your attention from fear to satisfaction so that you will align to an experience that will offer you relief.

This method is a form of affirming, but because you are affirming something that is true it has a much better effect, and as you are using your self made affirmation to change a negative way of thinking, you will start to stop attracting negative experiences.

This is the start of a snowball of well-being, that at first will be more difficult, but as you focus more and more on what is good, more good will turn up, adding more power and more attraction to your snowballing well-being.

So to your question…. Would working overtime be the answer to you saying yes to prosperity? I’m not really sure, but would having a bigger paycheck make you feel better? Because at the end of the day, all that matters is how you feel.

With Gratitude

John Peace

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