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I love a girl very much, but we are not in contact of each other. She doesn’t want to contact me but I don’t want loose her. Please guide me and tell me how I make her my girlfriend?

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The Law of Attraction is the way that experiences are brought to us, and it works in the following way…

What we think about and feel about most, the corresponding events and circumstances are brought to us in order for us to continue to think and feel that way.

So if we have hope and enthusiasm about a given subject, through the Law of Attraction, events and circumstances are aligned to us to help us to continue to feel hopeful and enthusiastic.

Of course, this sounds wonderful, but the Law of Attraction doesn’t just deal with the good and positive things, it aligns all experiences.

So, in just the same way, if you were feeling negative and depressed, the Law of Attraction would align events and circumstances up for you that would help you to continue to feel negative and depressed.

In understanding this, we can begin to appreciate the importance of our thoughts and emotions when it comes to aligning to a certain experience.

For example, if we were experiencing a reality of debt and we wished to change that experience to one of abundance, we would have to align our thoughts and emotions to match abundance, and not continue to think and feel about the debt we were now experiencing.

Not an easy task I grant you, but this would be the only way for us to attract our new abundant reality.

Similarly, if we were alone and we wished to attract a relationship, we would have to align our thoughts and emotions to match that relationship, and not continue to think and feel about the loneliness we were now experiencing.

In other words, to attract any reality, we would have to think and feel as if that reality already existed, in order for the Law of Attraction to align the appropriate events and circumstances, to help us to continue to think and feel that way.

By appropriate, I mean that each event and each circumstance not only matched your thoughts and emotions, but they also matched the thoughts and emotions of everyone connected.

This is important because the Law of Attraction is not reserved for the few who know about it, and it doesn’t just work when we apply it, it is a Law, and as such it works for all people and all times, whether they are aware of it or not.

The Law of Attraction matches events and circumstances to us all, depending on what each of us think and feel.

Therefore, there is no way that you can attract a particular person in order to make yourself happy.

Firstly you have no power over their reality.

And secondly, to attract a reality of happiness, you must think and feel happiness, and not place that experience as a condition of other peoples actions, because if you do, you have no power over your own reality

It is your right to be happy, and it is your right to experience any reality you wish, but it is not down to you to choose the source of these experiences.

Choose happiness and match your thoughts and feelings to that choice, and as you do, the very best of experiences shall be brought to you in order for you to continue your bliss.

I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


John Peace

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