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I read about the secret about 7 months ago, I wanted to attract my ex-boyfriend back but I got kind of an in that case, the law didn't work.... Now I have found a nice guy, a little bit older than me, but we liked each other

However, I took a summer trip for a month and when I came back, this guy was confused. An old ex girlfriend came back from other country to look for him, someone who he was really in love with years ago...

The "funny" thing is that we use to joke about a girl replacing me, while I was away.

Now we've talked, and he told me about this girl, that he was confused and that he needed time...

I tried to apply the Law of Attraction to ‘attract’ him, but since I’ve had the experience that did not work with my ex-boyfriend, I have a lot of doubts.

I feel anxious all the time, I visualize him with me, but things always end up incomplete...

For example, the other day, I said I wanted to see him at the social club, and he asked me out, I waited for him and he appeared when I was leaving. He just said "hi"

He was nice to me, but the only approach he made was, "call me if you need anything"

Since I’ve decided not to pressure him, I’m not going to talk to him.

I appreciate any help to attract him back.



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Stop, stop, stop, stop....

Maryanne, you cannot use the Law of Attraction to change someone else’s behaviour, or how they think and feel about you...

The Law of Attraction says that our reality is reflection of our conscious or subconscious beliefs.

Therefore, if we could impose a reality on someone who is creating a different reality, or if we could impose a desire on another who does not desire it, then we would be using a Law to impose something on someone who is using Law to stop it.

It’s rather like saying that we could use gravity to stop ourselves from falling, not recommended!!

The only control you have is self-control, not the control of others.

Try to think of the Law of Attraction a the Law of Harmony, a Law that puts things that are in harmony with each other in line with each other.

We see this happen throughout the physical world. In science when several elements come together it is called a compound. Compounds can be made up of two atoms or hundreds of atoms.

No matter what atoms are in a compound, they all want to be "happy". A happy atom is one with the right number of electrons in the outer orbital. That desire to be happy is why some elements only combine with a few other elements. Not all elements can make each other "happy".

In much the same way, that, if you desire someone specific to make you happy, yet the fact you are together, antagonises that someone, then, you cannot align, no matter how much you desire it.

Many questions I receive ask,

“How can I use the Law of Attraction to bring me the one thing I desire, the company of someone who I am in love with, who doesn’t respond?”

When I hear this sort of question, I tend to tip it up on it’s head a bit, to me it sounds like,

“I am extremely unhappy that I am not in this relationship, and I am desperately trying to become happy by using the Law of Attraction to bring me the one thing that I know will make me happy”

The focus is,

“I am extremely unhappy that I am not in this relationship.”

Now as the Law of Attraction is a Law of Harmony, what will it do?

Feed the harmonious condition...

What’s the harmonious condition?

Well quite simply, the focus...

“I am extremely unhappy that I am not in this relationship.”

I know that sounds a bit strange, but when you think about, it’s quite straightforward. The Law of Attraction is a Law, it just does, it doesn’t know or care what you really want, you provide the cause and it supplies the effect, you think it, you have it.

And it must be a harmonious condition, otherwise why focus on it!

Is that fair? Isn’t the Law just misreading my thoughts?

Well no, it’s Law, it cannot choose, it just is. You are the cause and the Law provides the effect.

I don’t hear people giving up on gravity because they fell and cut their knee, in fact, far from it, they learn, they change their behaviour, they work in harmony with it, otherwise, it hurts...

Perhaps this is the lesson we need to take on board, let’s learn from what we see that we don’t like, change the way we think until we start to see what we do like, let’s start working in harmony with Law, and stop getting hurt...

Live in harmony, live in the essence of love, visualize being in a loving relationship and affirm your gratitude for that relationship, as if it has already happened.

The Law of Attraction will put you in alignment with your perfect partner, have no doubt, as they say, let go and let God..

You have already had a bad experience trying to use the Law of Attraction in this way, so for your own sanity, don’t do it again.


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Sep 16, 2013
you can attract a specific person with the LOA
by: Anonymous

I was dumped and my boyfriend left for another girl, after I grieved and healed. I started visualizing and feeling him emotionally and using positive affirmations and thinking positive about myself, him, and us as a couple. I kept a gratitude journal and read other stories online at the of others using LOA to get an ex back successfully.

I believed my boyfriend would return regardless of us ending. I appreciated the time we had and the time we had apart. With all the positive energy and vibes I am radiating I successfully got my boyfriend back. In my journal I would state how I am grateful and happy that my boyfriend and I are getting a second chance to be in love and a stronger closer couple fixing our past issues to move forward and have a future together.

I was patient because I knew in my heart and believed he would return to me make contact and tell me he wants me back. Reading others stories really helped. I even listened to binuaral beats.

Now I am working in the town I've wanted to work in going for my career. I am back with boyfriend we are living together having fun we are a lot closer and he's attentive very sweet to me and we communicate honestly. I am happy I discovered the law of attraction and was able to use techniques I learned to get my ex back.

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