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At present I am single, which does not bother me as I feel that this is a time to enjoy, and while I am single I can get myself ready. Surely I want to attract that special some one.

The other day I sat and as a baby step wrote all the qualities I would like to see in him. Earlier I used to do just the opposite thing viz, how I would treat him, and at that time the emotion or energy that I used to get, was really good, but this time it is kind of neutral.

I don’t get that high-energy vibration when I am thinking of the way I want to be treated.

Also for some special personal reasons I would like to live in the US (I am currently living in my home country).

The other day I was listening to a film song, which was done in a traditional setting, and I was able to connect myself with that someone special with good energy, which is contradicting to my original wish.

So is it fine to tell myself some thing like, once a year I visit this place with my dream family, and feel very good about it.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

The Law of Attraction is very much associated to vibration, or feeling. This is why it is important to bring feelings to your visualizations, as it is these feelings that are the attraction vehicle and catalyst.

Therefore, if it is vibration that is the attractor, then it is clear that the way you vibrate determines your experiences. So a low vibration, or a sad feeling will bring an experience that makes you feel sad, in much the same way, a good vibration, or good feeling, will bring you an experience that makes you feel good.

So what will an indifferent vibration, or a feeling that is not particularly good or bad bring you?

An indifferent experience…

At the risk of attracting an indifferent experience, it would be much better if you stick to the visualization that gives you the better feeling.

I know that you have probably learnt that you must define the things you want, to experience the things you desire. Which I would agree with, but you need to understand that you are always defining the things you want, you are always asking, and you are always receiving. The trick is to be aware of what you are asking.

So when you were thinking about the way you would treat this special someone, and you were experiencing such a good vibration, what were you actually asking for?

Let’s look at goal setting to try and understand this a bit better.

When someone sets a goal, often for that goal to manifest, certain things needed to have happened.

For instance, you mentioned that you wanted to live in the US. Well for that goal to manifest, certain things will have had to fall into place.

You will need a Visa, a work permit, finance, a job and somewhere to live.

So when you visualize your goal of living in the US, you would make your visualization more effective if all these conditions were attained, without a hitch. Rather than visualizing living in the US, and then, spending the rest of the day worrying about your Visa, or your finances.

In the case of someone special, when you are thinking of all the ways you will treat him, to get such a positive feeling, you must be doing it with pleasure, not out of duty.

If you are treating this someone in this special way, with pleasure, this someone must be giving you something, that is the condition.

If it is a condition that this someone is giving you something, what are the qualities that he must have.

The qualities that come to mind for me would be generosity, kindness, lovingness, romantic, open, happy, harmonious and caring. But I guess you could come up with a better list.

So you see that even when you think that you are not asking for something, you most certainly are. And I guess what I’m trying to say is this…..

If it feels good thinking about it, keep thinking about it, and when it comes, as surely it will, it will make you feel just the way you imagined it would.


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