Attracting Tom Cruise

by Sanghamitra Banerjee
(Pune, Maharastra, India)

I have started working on the Law of Attraction to attract my soul mate. I have already made a list of the qualities I desire. Now suppose I would like my life partner to look like Tom Cruise, can I enlist that as a part of that list?

Apart from that I have also enlisted the type of relationship I want and the things I would do for him, the things I would like him to do for me, the way I would like to be treated by him etc.... So, is it possible to desire a partner who resembles Tom Cruise in his looks as I always do my required visualizations with Tom Cruise as my soul mate????

I would really love to have someone with the looks of Tom Cruise along with the other qualities mentioned in the list as my soul mate in my life....

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

Congratulations on your first step towards your desire. By writing down the things that you are wanting, you have taken the first step, and now you need to take the next.

Now you know how your wants looks. You know how the qualities look, and what you will do for this person, this is a good first step. So let’s assume that you find a man with these qualities, you are doing for him the things you imagined, and he is doing for you the things you imagined…. How does it feel?

How does it feel being in this relationship? How does it feel doing these things together? How does it feel when you wake up to start a new day with him? How does it feel when you embrace each other for the first time today? How does it feel when you close your eyes at night?

It is these feeling that make up your vibration, and when you vibrate with these feelings, a vibrational match to them, will be found.

To put this in a simple analogy, think of a tuning fork. When the tuning fork is struck, it vibrates at a certain frequency that you hear as sound, and when this vibrating fork is held next to a fork with the same frequency, it will cause that fork to vibrate to.

The tuning fork will only cause another fork to vibrate if it is vibrating, and if the fork it is held next to is a vibrating match.

So, when you are trying to attract this relationship, you need to be vibrating the relationship first, and when you are put into alignment with your vibrating match, you will both vibrate together.

For the question about Tom Cruise, let’s go back to the forks.

Let’s say that you are the tuning fork, and you are vibrating with the frequency of your desires. You go about your day passing other tuning forks, hearing no notes like yours, until finally you stand next to a tuning fork, and your tone starts to resonate from him.

How do you think you are going to feel?

Here he is… You have found your resonate match, someone who will make you vibrate your desires, more and more.

The question is, if you had it in mind that this fork was red, and he turned out to be blue, what would it really matter?

Or even worse, what if he was the perfect match, but because he was blue, you never even looked?

You see, in your striving for your look-alike, you will most definitely miss opportunities for your perfect vibrational match, and that will be a shame.


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