Attracting Unconsciously

by Indrani

I recently read the book "The Secret" and I realized that I have been using this Law for a long time. When I was a kid I lived in a place where I was not quite happy, the place was not clean, we were not very rich, I used to always get what I thought I didn't want but somewhere in my heart I thought I will live in an apartment...clean and peaceful.

I never thought how we will get there, but after 7 years my uncle bought a house which was exactly where I dreamt of living. I thought it was my luck.

When I grew up I met my dream lover, we decided to live with each other...we both are working in a call center but my guy wants to become a pilot.

We both come from middle class families and affording the course fee for a commercial pilot license(CPL), was just impossible.

My boyfriend didn’t tell me earlier understanding its not going to happen.

One day we were talking about a friend who was trying to do the CPL course and my guy told me about his dreams. I promised him his dream career without understanding how we will reach there.

I started researching about the best course available and the course fee and the every thing about completing his dream. I was still not thinking about how we will get there.

When we finally thought of starting for his course we realized that we didn’t have enough for the course fee. We were discussing how we can get it done and a we got a phone call from his home saying his grand father expired.

We left immediately and reached his grand father's house in no time. The rituals were completed and it was time to read the will.

The will said that the house his grand father was living in was left for him. He sold his house to get the course fee. Well its wasn't a very good way we got this money but it still gave us what we wanted.

Now I know that unconsciously we were attracting what we all we do is "DREAM"

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