Attraction Quotes To Help You Focus On Your Goals

Attraction quotes are a fantastic way to keep you focused on your goals, as they help you to live the spirit of your desires.

When we are consciously focusing on a certain outcome it is important that we match our thoughts and feelings to the existence of that outcome.

Put another way, we must adopt the thoughts and emotions that we would have it our desires had already manifest.

This is why visualization is an important tool for applying the Law of Attraction. However, visualization is not a task to complete and forget, as it is important to imagine the feelings that are associated with your visualization, and carry those feelings with you, throughout your day.

This is what Charles Haanel meant when he said, "Live the spirit of a thing", and his visualization exercises in the book The Master Key System are powerful tools to master the Law of Attraction.

Gratitude is another important part of using the Law of Attraction, because as you focus on the best of what you have, the things you are grateful for, more best experience will align to you.

To help you to stay focused on your goals, and live the spirit of your desires, as well as remaining thankful for what you have, use these Law of Attraction quotes.

Simply print or write out a relevant quote, editing it if you like to make it more personal, and put the attraction quote somewhere where you will see it regularly. You can also use the links to share each quote on Facebook and Twitter.

General Quotes About Attraction

"By choosing your thoughts you choose your destiny"

by ~ John Peace

"What is important is what you think and feel."

by ~ John Peace

"My reality is a perfect match to my thoughts and feelings."

by ~ John Peace

"I am a powerful creator."

by ~ John Peace

"Smile... You'll be amazed how good you feel."

by ~ John Peace

"I am the creator of my reality."

by ~ John Peace

"Will you be a victim of circumstance or a master of it?"

by ~ John Peace

Goal Focused Attraction Quotes

"Match your thoughts and feelings to your wishes, and as you do, you will align to every way and each vehicle that can manifest these things."

by ~ John Peace

"Focus your thoughts and feelings to the existence of your desire, regardless of it existing or not."

by ~ John Peace

"What you think, believe and feel about money is exactly reflected in your experiences."

by ~ John Peace

"I am enjoying the security and loving the freedom and excitement that my financial success continues to bring me"

by ~ John Peace

"Although I Am happy and content with my job, as I can be there for my children, I have 5 weeks holiday every year, I have met some great people and I am well paid. I am looking forward to finding a better-paid job soon"

by ~ John Peace

"What is the best of this moment? What is the best of this experience? What positives has this reality of lack brought you?

by ~ John Peace

"Vibrate the best of what you see and the best of what is shall be aligned to you"

by ~ John Peace

"The real secret to changing your reality, is at first, accepting your reality as it is."

by ~ John Peace

"You hold the key to a perfect life and no one has any power over what you should be, do or have."

by ~ John Peace

Quotes can help to remind you that you create your reality, and when you adjust the way you think feel, you will change what you attract, here are some more Law of Attraction quotes that you might enjoy.

Gratitude is an important part of applying the Law of Attraction, and one of the first Law of Attraction authors to really expand on this idea was Wallace Wattles.

Here are some quotes on gratitude from his book The Science of Getting Rich, along with some more general gratitude quotes.

I hope that you have found these quotes inspiring, and that they help you to focus on the things you desire, if so take a look at these inspirational positive quotes.

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