Awsome Power of Gratitude

by Roy Mathews

I think the title I used is the most suitable title because of its awesome power, I started from nothing, from a stage where I had lost my Job, my father had died and my relationships had become most worse....

At the time, (was it coincidence?) now I can tell you, it was the Law of Attraction, but then I didn’t know what Law of Attraction was... I had been given book named The Power of Positive Thinking, by Norman Vincent Peale.

From that point, I understood that if we keep thinking the same thoughts over and over, that becomes our reality-whether it is Good or Bad.

So I tried to watch my thoughts, and replaced Bad thoughts with Good thoughts, the thoughts that would help me to create the life of my dreams.

I learnt to say Thanks to the Higher power, that my wish or dreams are already manifested into my Reality.

I started to write a list of my wishes and added thanks to it, I affirmed it the whole day, even though it was a painful process, I never Quit.

Thank God!!!

Slowly I began to see my circumstances change...

I found work, and not long after I was recruited by another company, where I am working now.....and the interesting thing is this job is something more than I ever imagined.

I see money flowing to me easily and effortlessly...

I have my dream car...

I still have more to be manifested.....But, I am sure all of my desires are coming true.

I just look at those affirmations which I had written 3 years ago and whatever I say thanks for, all of those things became my current reality now.

So, I am encouraging each and everyone to write down your gratitude journal and affirm it wherever you are....

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