Being Grateful Warms Your Heart

by Brian
(Hertfordshire, England)

Since I started reading the Law-of-Attraction-Guide along with Jose Silva's ESP and a few other in-putters, our lives have most certainly changed for the better, so we have much to be grateful for.

The most astonishing thing is that whenever I think of, a subject matter I might need some more information on, John Peace or one of the other people I get emails from supplies the answer. And you can hear me say, "how did they know, I needed to know that".

Last year I was in the same type of job I'm in now, but working for somebody else, the hours were long, and it seemed harder. I kept saying, "I've got to get out of this job its doing my wife and I no good. I need a 9-5”.

Then an opportunity came and I went for it, I was only there 6 weeks and got made redundant, I had to sign on and then you think, "what now", a few weeks passed and we lost a colleague in a motorbike accident, who worked for the firm I had been made redundant from. The firm rung me and asked if I would like to go back.

Circumstances not being the best, but I know what my colleague would have said, so I went back. Into a 7 - 6 well its nearly 9-5, the monies not bad, and from all that happened believe it or not we are better off financially.

My wife and I are happier, and as we understand more & more of cause and effect, we are trying to improve our lives in other areas as well.

I have a lot to be grateful for. For which I say thank you many times a day.

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