Being Truly Happy

by Angelina

I was just thinking if I'm doing the right thing about the Law of Attraction. Its says that you have to be happy and positive and I understand that, but can I for example find someone that I think has a perfect life and who is very happy and pretend to myself that I am that person? Someone that I want to be like?

Or would that mean that I don’t love myself?

Thanks a lot.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

You are quite right in thinking that if you are happy and positive, then the Law of Attraction will align you to happy and positive experiences.

This sometimes becomes difficult when your reality isn’t always happy and positive, and, as many of us do, it is easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day worries about relationships, health and finances.

This vibration of worry, then works against us as we become more aligned to experiences that cause us to feel more worry.

One of the ways that I suggest to people to overcome this, is to write lists of the positive and happy experience that you have right now, and to focus your attention on those things, rather than the fears and worries that you tend to have.

Of course this is not that easy to begin with, but with practise, and in time, you can train your mind to spend more time focusing on the good things, rather than the impending bad things.

This then has the effect of aligning your reality to more good things.

However, if you do not have so much to feel good about, why not pretend?

If you can, this is an extremely powerful technique, as the brain knows no difference to an actual event or an imagined event.

If you think about your dreams, when you actually dream, your brain can make no distinction between the imagined events or the real events. Your dreams, at the time you dream, feel as real as the actual reality you experience.

In fact, this is the whole idea behind visualization.

When you visualize properly, you see the images of your desires, and feel the emotions of having these things now.

It was Charles Haanel, the author of the Master Key, who said, “live the spirit of a thing, and it will become impossible to keep it from you.”

What this means is to live the spirit or the idea of having your desires now, emotional attaching yourself to an imagined outcome, and as you become a vibrational match to having these things now, it will be impossible for these imagined things, to be kept from your reality.

If you life is not the perfect design that you wish it to be, pretend that it is as much as you like, and in time, it shall be.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


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