Can I Manifest Someone Who Looks Exactly Like Someone Else

The only way I can get into the feeling of having my dream man is to imagine that he looks exactly like a guy I find very attractive. But I hear about people not getting 100% of their list and I worry sometimes that I will get something I didn’t really ask for who is an unsatisfactory version of my real dream.

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Let’s play a quick game to get to the bottom of this.

Behind the red door is a man who is loving, passionate, kind, generous, fun, easy-going, successful, sharing and outgoing. He makes you smile, he listens to your needs, and he offers you support and patience.

Behind the blue door is a man who is self centred, selfish, difficult, unsettled and lazy. He takes life to seriously, he only cares for the things he wants out of life, he is narrow minded and short tempered.

Which do you choose?

You see to find love and companionship you must focus on the qualities of your dream partner, and when I mean qualities, I don’t mean what he looks like, I mean his vibration.

What someone looks like is not a quality, it is an appearance, and appearances don’t have any particular vibration.

By focusing on appearances, you will be turning down many opportunities that come your way, and many of these opportunities would, if you had taken them, lead to a happy and loving relationship.

It’s almost as if you are waiting for your knight in shining armour...

And there is one thing that I can tell you about knights in shining armour, they carry a shield to stop you coming to close, and a sword to cut you down.

And when it comes to worrying about getting someone that you didn’t really ask for, then my guess is, you will get someone you didn’t really ask for. Or more accurately put, you are more likely to get your worse fears, if you are focusing on your worse fears.

You see, you get what you ask for 100% of the time, and if you’ve heard stories about people not getting their entire list, then maybe they were focusing on what they didn’t want, not on what they wanted.


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