Can I Use The Law of Attraction To Get Him Back

by Jessica

We broke up nearly one year ago now and I miss him very much. But he even doesn’t want to see me again.

What should I do?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

You cannot use the Law of Attraction to manifest in another’s reality, it does not work that way.

The Law of Attraction explains the way that what you experiences, match your resonation, (your thoughts and feelings).

In other words, what your predominate thoughts are, what your predominant focus is, and what your predominant feeling are, has a direct reflection to the things you experience.

So if your thoughts are predominately positive, your focus is predominately positive and your feelings are predominately positive, then your experiences shall be predominately positive.

In reading your question I would say that your predominant thoughts are of being without your ex, your predominate focus is one of being alone, and your predominant feelings are ones of sadness, loneliness and missing him.

So for you, your experiences in the future are likely to be a match for this resonance, that is being without your ex, being alone, and feeling sad, lonely and missing him.

Now your ex boyfriend may have different thoughts, a different focus, and different feelings, and his future experiences will match the thoughts, focus and feelings he has.

There is absolutely no way that you can alter your thoughts, focus and feelings, to make his experiences not match up with his own thoughts, focus and feelings. If you could then this would not be called a Law.

So is there anything that you could do to get you two back together?

To be honest, I could not answer that. I have no idea what you ex’s desires are, and it would be impossible for anyone to make that call, (except him).

But I do know that the way you are thinking is making it very difficult for reconciliation, even if it was possible.

I would recommend that you start to change your focus from what you don’t like, to what you do like. Start to think of the good things that have been brought to you from this relationship, see him giving you those qualities, and treating you in the way you like to be treated.

Try to do this without introducing an idea of getting back together, but just enjoy the way he respects you, communicates with you and thinks of you.

Will this bring you back together?

I don’t know, there could be two outcomes. You could either get back together, or, you shall be on a different path to each other altogether, which will allow you to move on.

If you spend some time thinking about the feelings and the positive emotions you wish to feel, then either your ex will become these things to you, or you will be held apart, because your vibrations do not match.


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