Can I Use The Law of Attraction With A Committed Person

by Nica
(Makati, Philippines)

I love my ex boyfriend so much. I even pray everyday that I'll be married to him someday. The problem is that the man that I love was married recently...

I know that I'm asking for a miracle. Some people say that it’s too late to have him back. But I love him so much... So much that I can't really get over him..

I was able to talk to him recently...He told me that he loves me still, but things are complicated now...since he is married..

I'm seeking for your advice on this...Will a miracle happen for us? Will the Law of Attraction still work in this kind of situation?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

The question is, not whether or not the Law of Attraction will work, it is will you work to work with the Law of Attraction, or will you fall victim to it?

The Law of Attraction is a relentless law. It aligns to our realities, the perfect match for our vibration, and it does it at all times.

Each and every experience that we have is a result of this alignment, and our experiences depend solely on how we vibrate.

This vibration is a combination of thought, belief and feeling. It is a mix of the predominant and focused thought we have, along with our beliefs and emotions. And as beliefs are simply practised thoughts, as are emotions, simply put, our vibration is our focused thought.

We think, and whatever our thoughts are, a match for them is aligned to make us continue to think.

Think thoughts of poverty, and you will align to an experience that makes you think more poverty.

Think thoughts of loneliness, and you will align to an experience that makes you think more loneliness.

You are, and you experience, what you think about most of the time.

You say that you are in love with your ex boyfriend, and on the face of it, you would think that this love you think and feel, should align you to the experience of love with him. But this is not the case…

The Law of Attraction does not align you to your wants, to your desires, or to your wishes, it aligns you to your predominant thoughts, and when you think about your predominant thoughts, they probably do not match your desires.

Yes, I do not deny that you feel that you are in love with your ex, but the very experience of not being with him is causing you to think and feel, without.

Your ‘without’ him thoughts of lack, of loneliness, of desperation, of longing and of needing him, are your predominant thoughts, they are the thoughts that make up your vibration, and as the Law of Attraction is Law, there is no alternative but to be aligned to an experience of lack, loneliness, desperation, longing and needing.

You see, it is the very way that you think, that keeps you in an experience that makes you think this way.

I know that this sounds a bit unfair, but this is how it works, and when you start to match your thoughts up to what it is you desire, this all becomes very fair, and very powerful.

Thought is the cause of our experiences, and as soon as you control your thought, you can control what it is you will experience.

What so many people try to do is kind of backwards. They try to manipulate the experience, or change the reality, in order for them to feel good.

How often do you hear people say, “if I won the lottery I would be happy,” or “if these people weren’t in my work place, my work would be easier.” What they fail to understand is this…

The experience of happiness, can only come from a vibration of happiness.

The riches of winning the lottery, can only come from a vibration of riches.

People only exist in our reality, because we hold them there.

And, a vibration of finding your work easier, will cause the experience of easy work.

To get the things you want, you need to focus your thoughts and your feelings on the way you will think and feel, when you get the things you want.

Someone who is experiencing happiness, has the vibration of happiness, and if you wish to be happy, so should you.

So what is it you want?

I am sure that you will answer this question by saying, “to be with my ex boyfriend.”

But to be perfectly honest, he is not an experience. He may be the source of an experience, but to align to an experience you want, you have to let go of the things you cannot control.

If you wish to have an experience of being in a loving and romantic relationship, then align to that. Align your thoughts and feelings to the way you will think and feel, when you are in this loving relationship, and the Law of Attraction will align the best events, circumstances and people, to make this vibration your reality.

Will these best events, circumstances and people include your ex?

Who knows…

If he is the one best source experience for your vibration, and a reality with you, matches his own vibration, he could be. But this is not something you can control.

All you can control is your thought, and rest assured, the perfect match to your thought, will always be found.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


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