Can it really be this easy? Apparently so.

by Hazel
(East Sussex)

Last year I put an arbour in my garden to support climbing plants and hanging baskets. It is a great pleasure. I noticed that it drew the eye through to the back fence of the garden which before was unobtrusive but now looked noticeably boring. I realised that the space wanted a garden bench and decided to make this the next year's project.

In the next couple of weeks I started noticing benches - quirky ones that were too flimsy or solid ones that were too plain. Then I saw a Lutyens bench and loved it - but it cost £750 - out of the question! But as far as I was concerned, the whole bench issue was on the back burner.

I popped out to the post box seeing a van parked on the lane outside my house. The driver made a joke about not loitering but having arrived too early to make a delivery. He then asked me if I was looking for any garden furniture. When I said I was sort of interested in a garden bench, he opened the back of the van which was full of teak Lutyens benches. He had a spare one - £200. So I went to the post box and 15 minutes later the bench was in my garden.

This has taught me a lot. How the request needs to be light-hearted - not a big deal. How there needs to be appreciation of what already is - the request comes from an attitude of "it would be nice if...." not from a sense of desperate need. To not have any expectations about how the manifestation will occur. Time and distance are not what they seem.

I noticed that during the transaction I nearly backed out several times. I saw that my belief in the need to struggle and my lack of trust in abundance, blocks my receptivity to the Law of Attraction.

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Jan 15, 2016
Great post
by: Vin Jardin

Thanks John. I enjoyed your post a lot. Most Law Of Attraction blogs are too focused on selling nowadays. It's great to see the person behind the article telling a story.

I agree fully with having the attitude of "it would be nice if" vs "I expect this next week". I think this is why micro manifestations like car parking, etc. seem to work so well.

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