Can The Law of Attraction Fix This Relationship

I asked for my perfect partner, the universe brought us together, but although we were compatible in every way possible, he was my ex brother in law. We had known each other over 20 years and never realised we were made for each other.

The problem is I am 52 years old but look in my 30s, but he is in his 30s so I thought I was too old for him. And he couldn't face telling his parents, my son and his brother, so he went back to his old girlfriend, then he came back to me but still felt it was wrong, so he moved onto someone else.

After a year they have broken up, but 4 months later he is avoiding me like the plague.

Although I never stopped thinking about him and I never found anyone else, he loved his old and new girlfriend very much, he never fell for me that deeply, he wouldn't allow himself to, and I think I lost him by thinking I was too old for him.

He wants children and I'm menopausal, although he hasn't had children with anyone else. I know he thinks the world of me but he said it could never be, with him and me.

But a clairvoyant told me we would get together, she told me he's not happy in his relationship and he thinks the world of me, she said I will be happier in this relationship than I have been in any other, and I know I would be.

But how do I get him to think that way if he feels it is so wrong to be with me.

I actually think he is going back to his old girlfriend and would rather be in a unhappy relationship than face his family. And although I love him the age difference scares me. If I was his age and had never married his brother, we would be together for a lifetime, but as we both have doubts I can see why the universe split us up.

Can we fix this or give up.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

I am no relationship advisor, so I cannot tell you what you need to do, but it seems to me, that you don’t really have much choice, other than to let this go.

From a Law of Attraction point of view, all I can really say is this…

You cannot find happiness by forcing reality to change. Reality is the reflection of your vibration, and whatever you find in your reality, exists within you.

If you are lonely within, you will experience loneliness without.

If you are desperate within, you will experience desperation without.

It is clear that if you are experiencing an unwanted reality, let that reality be, and make the changes within.

Come to terms with where you are now, because this is the place you have your power. If you wish to be happy, find happiness with here and now, and built that vibration within.

When you are happy within, you shall experience happiness without.

But it is also clear that you cannot make this person think, act, be, do or have anything, other than what he allows himself to think, act, be, do or have.

The only way to change experience, is to change vibration, and no matter what changes you make to your vibration, it is impossible to alter his reality.

And as for a clairvoyant telling you that, “you will be happier in this relationship than you have been in any other,” may be that is the case, but it is truly unhelpful. The source for true happiness comes from within, and once you align yourself with that happiness, each and every relationship shall be the happiest relationships that you have ever had.

If you desire love, search for love within you and align yourself with love. Feel love for yourself before you worry about others. Think only of the very best of others, and align yourself with the best of what they have to offer.

True love and happiness comes from within, and when you find it within yourself, you shall also find it in your experiences.


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May 08, 2017
God's child NEW
by: Anonymous

How to start getting positive vibrations within.... I try praying, meditating.... I also try to think positive but somewhere deep inside I have my fears

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